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The Dexcom (Seven) Warrior - Day 98

Whoa - I was much tanner the last time I gave this Dexcom thing a go. Ahem ... well, my pasty self is trying out the Dexcom again, only rolling with the Seven this time. So far, this is day one. I haven't even calibrating the darn thing yet, as I'm at the tail-end of the two hour calibration period. Since I'm home in my sweatpants, I'm not too bothered by wearing two devices. Tomorrow at work will be more of a test.


But my main concern isn't the hardware so much as the results. I want to see this Dexcom thing showing me numbers that are close to, if not spot on, with the results my meter provides. Is that expecting too much? Maybe, but these devices aren't small and they aren't exactly cozytown, so if I'm going to wear this from time to time, it had better be worth it.


Updates coming this week, as they happen. But for now ... damn, I need a bit of a tan. ;)


April 6, 2008


Six Until Me.

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Taken on April 6, 2008