garden timelapse camera
i take movies daily. most are on my youtube channel.


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got the garden timelapse camera from hammacher schlemmer. a little expensive but seems pretty awesome so far. about $180 with shipping. has it for cheaper.

geoff asked me about drive size and # of snaps.
the numbers i got: i take a 45Mb movie and export to a directory of files and it gives me 469 frames. let's just say 45/450, so .1Mb per snap.
the manual says the flashdrive is limited to 2 gb limit. can't do anymore than that no matter what.
so 20,000 snaps?

i haven't tested.

that said, i've had mine on all day long several times at 20 seconds per shot and it has never been more 500 mb i think...

i do love this thing but it's a little awkward some times. i lost ~4 out of 47 videos so far. not sure why, they just didn't take. empty file.

it's boranj.

thinking about this too someday...

another timelapse project here:
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