Savage Opress - Star Wars: Clone Wars - Non-Animated version
My completed 1:18 scale, 5.25" sculpt of a non-animated version of Savage Opress from season 3 of the animated show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The figures itself is a complete sculpt with the soft goods and the partial robe borrowed from existing store bought figures then altered/reworked.

Both heads (standard and battle damaged) are original pieces, sculpted and hand pained. The body is sculpted over a custom built articluated frame.

The body has switch out arms and hands. The upper body armor is completely removable and are held by magnets when attached. The shoulder armor is held to the figure by clear bands.

The figure has 16 points of articulation.

Lightsaber was created using existing parts, altered and reworked. Beams can be removed. Hilt contains a magnet to allow the saber to connect to figures belt.

Blade is a complete sculpt with the core being styrene. Nice and heavy!

Figure is completely hand painted using Testors Polyscale and Floquil acrylics.
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