More Fort Ballance (NZ) by: Alistair Scadden
Photos of the Public Open Day held at Fort Ballance, Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand - on Saturday 28th June, 2008.

Sincere acknowledgements are due to the New Zealand Defence Force for the tremendous effort that they have made in removing scrub and rubbish - and thoroughly improving the entire site. I am sure that all who care about this important historic place will be deeply appreciative of the work that they have done.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the "taggers" - who have made a tremendous effort to deface the whole place. A mindless pack of vandals.

to view a short history of this most important historic site - go to the SITE O Regional Pages: Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific:

Then, - enter the "Regional History" page.

For a detailed history of Fort Ballance, see Peter Cooke's book: "Defending New Zealand, Ramparts on the Sea - 1840 to 1950's".

Photography by: Alistair Scadden ©
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