+ BRMC @ 9:30 Club 2k10 + 2k13
Awesome to finally see BRMC live. We got there just in the middle of second opening band Alberta Cross' show + they were really good, not to mention made great use of the guitar slide. Shame to have missed their whole set. Will definitely have to look for their music. The Cobbs was the first act to go on.

Now, BRMC was a stellar show, but have to say their sound system was plain awful. [You can just hear the vast difference from my recordings of them v. Alberta Cross' video.] That aside, I loved how Peter Hayes + Robert Levon Been interchanged as lead singers. They even switched up their roles as guitarist + bassist a few times, which was amazing. And Leah Shapiro was just killin' it on the drums + was fun to watch. The guys were rocking those beautiful Gibsons. There was a song where Been was twisting his bass machine head to make these distorted notes + I was totally eating it up. [I have video of that performance that you can view here.]

Regardless of my ringing ears, I loved being in the middle of a live show after a long hiatus. Keeps you feeling alive.

_ 05 April 2k10
_ @ 9:30 Club
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