• this looks much much bigger than 2x2. - Computerbug
  • That's because duplo tiles have a 4 x 4 system stud size. It's 2 x 2 duplo studs.
  • Nice use of the flat pieces and I love the spilled paint effect. :] - LolLuke
  • Nice part usage. - ¡Matt!
  • I like the red spilled paint on the other side, but just for more realism shouldn't this paint
    be yellow or gray? - legorevolution
  • There's an orange 2 x 2 round tile in there, you can't see from this angle.
  • great spilled paint idea - Falcon 729
  • Is it custom painted? - JimButcher
  • no.
  • Oh thanks alot! - Computerbug
  • ZOMG! He used a bucket as a......bucket! - Trevor Van Aalst

Cub Painting

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It might be in my best interest to provide this link:


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  1. Hound Knight 107 months ago | reply

    Clever it is! I like the easel a lot.

  2. vìnn 107 months ago | reply

    I love this!

  3. Striker™ [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

    Wow, is that piece Duplo?

    EDIT: Didn't read the description, whoops. :3

  4. FxyNate 107 months ago | reply

    ^lol. Jordan's becoming really smart on knowing how people are >.>
    awesome job btw!

  5. The BLU Baron [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

    The reflection on the chrome bucket makes it.

  6. brickapolis 107 months ago | reply

    Wow. You have the most obscure pieces...

    And that's good. :-)

  7. Apocalust 107 months ago | reply

    I love this. So simple.

  8. legorevolution 107 months ago | reply

    This is so tiny and simple yet so beautiful. I love it.

  9. 6-22-3-11-25-5-1 106 months ago | reply

    Very nice! Looks like fabuland scale...

  10. Trevor Van Aalst 106 months ago | reply

    What exactly is that cub doing to that sea lion?

  11. Striker™ [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    ^ It's a rock. ;)

  12. Trevor Van Aalst 106 months ago | reply

    You don't say....

  13. Sir Nadroj 106 months ago | reply

    Don't worry, I get your humor. ;-)

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