• Awesome! - Thunder-blade
  • I'm not sure how the leg joint attaches, but would it be possible to change it to a peg leg? - graznador original
  • Agreed - Karf Oohlu
  • Unfortunately the legs do not detach at the knee, only the top. :-(
  • Indeed! - Andrew Colunga
  • What the hell kind of racist crap is this???

    ;) - Rocko™
  • =-D
  • Awkward color and angle. - ASneary
  • Ahhh! Trans-green stud thingy! - munkyboiiguy
  • It's a lime green 1 x 1 round plate.... and?
  • Yo jordan, is there any possibility where i can buy 'A set!' with brown minifigs? - Joris Blok
  • The photoshop you used to erase the white outline on the flag maves it look like it's floating! - Computerbug

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Arrr, (pri)matey!

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  1. Thunder-blade 75 months ago | reply

    Hehe! That's hilarious!

  2. Zarlighttusk 75 months ago | reply

    That hand is kinda creepy...

  3. nolnet 75 months ago | reply

    ^ not to mention the cycling shorts...

  4. Marke Merciless 75 months ago | reply

    Aye lyke itt.

  5. Erdbeereis1 75 months ago | reply

    The king of pun is at it again!

    I love the railings.

  6. remyth 75 months ago | reply

    That railing is pure awesome!

  7. SavaTheAggie 75 months ago | reply

    Makes one want to start building at Belville scale.

  8. JimmytheJ 75 months ago | reply

    ^ I'll never do it I say! Minifig scale and micro is all I can afford...

  9. Striker™ [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

    Puns. *Groan.* ;-)

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