• That whale is the bomb! Nice! - fifthconspiracy
  • This is just fantastic. - Erdbeereis1
  • One Suggestion, would be great if you could have some color change near the back of the whale and the front of the tail, to imply some depth to the water. We should see some of the whales' coloring showing 'up' in the shallower bits. - V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber
  • when they kill the whale were will they put it? - Micah G.
  • Agreed. - Shadow Viking
  • truedat! - max.plummer
  • nice !!! - Capt. 5p8c3
  • nice !!! - Capt. 5p8c3
  • an actual whaling ship is long and low to the water, plus the whale never comes on board, just the blubber. The carcasses were then left to nature. - Tenacious EJ
  • Maybe... but it might look like a giant worm. I'm not so sure whales can bend like that at all. ;-)
  • Lol, nice little comedic action going on in the corner. - tadashistate
  • Oh, thanks dude - Micah G.
  • His wasn't supposed to be long and low because it was a Galleon/Carrack, which were high in the water. - lego addict
  • ...which were not used for whaling. :) - Tenacious EJ
  • I know that, but he apparently wanted it to be a galleon. - lego addict

Thar She Blows!

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"Eighteen-hundred and forty-six,
Twas March of the eighteenth day.
We hoisted our colours to the top of the mast,
And for Greenland bore away!"

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  1. jake.n 76 months ago | reply

    <3 everything about this.

  2. Ɲ. 76 months ago | reply

    Your ship building skills have been rapidly improving in these past few months since the end of PtV. I'll still stick to my claims concerning the cannon ports, however. P:

  3. Capt. 5p8c3 76 months ago | reply

    Very nice Jordan,... great details !!!

  4. Lord Exxos [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

    The ship and iceflows are awesome, though the whale's head confuses me.

  5. FxyNate 76 months ago | reply

    Awesome! You rocked this one

  6. Lino M 76 months ago | reply

    Another awesome tall ship from you. Are they about to be taken on a Nantucket Sleigh Ride?

  7. 2 Much Caffeine 76 months ago | reply

    That is just brilliant. Loving the busy-ness of it - loads of detail and lots going on. The ship itself is excellent.

    Now all you need to do is build a really big head for the ship to sit on top of and you've got a fantastic "Time Bandits" MOC going on...

  8. nolnet 76 months ago | reply

    ship Ship SHip SHIp SHIP!!!

  9. Ezechielle ☭ 76 months ago | reply

    very very very (etc.) nice!

  10. Obxcrew [deleted] 76 months ago | reply


  11. kaitimar 76 months ago | reply

    Great ship! It has that special cute-caricature-yet-realistic look to it that makes it irresistible.

  12. Squinty Eyes 76 months ago | reply

    Amazing MOC, I want to make one too!

    How come the image quality is kinda low (noisy and not very clear)? I'd expect more from the G9.

  13. Sir Nadroj 76 months ago | reply

    Might be a slight-post editing thing... perhaps a little oversaturation.

  14. caliumanderio 76 months ago | reply

    Che bella nave!! Peccato che non si può zoommare l'immagine

  15. Andrew Colunga 76 months ago | reply

    Fantastic Shape! A Masterpiece

  16. DARKspawn 75 months ago | reply

    Excellent, awesome build =)

  17. Sir Nadroj 75 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone!

    @DARKspawn: I can't believe we weren't contacts already! :-O

  18. DARKspawn 75 months ago | reply

    I know! How the heck did that NOT happen? All fixed now though ; )

  19. Jan Egil Kristiansen 73 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Whaling ⇂, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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