• look at the spurs in the close up!

Phalacrognathus muelleri II

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Designed and folded by Sipho Mabona May 2007

Wet folded form one uncut square of origamido paper then colored with green and golden ink mixture.

This is a modification of my previous designe. In order to add the spurs I had to shorten the legs by one unit lengh which made it possible to keep the 64by64 grid.
I am a lot happier with the shaping of this model but I needed to cheat in order to do so. I painted the model only after folding this time. That way the paper stays thin and crisp.

PS: If I could only remember how I got that lighting I had in my first version.

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  1. derblub ages ago | reply

    nice folded - but you should not painted it - what size paper you used?

  2. MABONA ORIGAMI ages ago | reply

    I used a 40 cm square. the color change cn also be achieved without painting so i'm not so worried about it. If I ever get a duocolored origamido I'll do so just for the proof of concept.

  3. derblub ages ago | reply

    sounds good ;p - then i like it much more (the details are just awesome)

  4. Mélisande* ages ago | reply

    Incredibly lifelike !

  5. Ryan MacDonell ages ago | reply

    Best insect model I've seen so far! When I first saw it, I thought it was an actual insect

  6. Bugmaker ages ago | reply

    A Masterwork!!!!

  7. adam tran ages ago | reply

    how about the Cp? ^__^ I finish your crayfish base, Sipho and I will finish all the work someday!

  8. Ryan MacDonell ages ago | reply

    Is the CP possibly the same as version 1?

  9. MABONA ORIGAMI ages ago | reply

    the CP is slightly different. i added the spurs in a similarly way as i did with the ones i made in the dung beetle. they are not simply pinches i made in to the paper. they are integrated in to the cp. i wrote a note on that in the text below the picture. other than that the only difference is that i made the abdomen one unit lengh longer.
    i'll post a simple version of the cp as soon as my computer runs agin. for those who want to try folding the seond version which is even a little more challenging than the first.

    adams: i'm looking forward to seeing your crayfish!

  10. Ryan MacDonell ages ago | reply

    Did you ever think of applying for the Yoshino Issei fund? I'm pretty sure that you would do well. The deal is they give you 200,000 yen, and you only have to do the following things:
    -attend the convention
    -teach how to fold some models at the convention.
    -exhibit your models at the convention and at Gallery Origami House, Tokyo.
    -write brief reports about the convention on the magazines of JOAS and the local groups

  11. MABONA ORIGAMI ages ago | reply

    Brian won it before, but i didn't know one had to apply for it. before i do so i want to be able to design other stuff than arthropods then it might be worth considering.

  12. stefflpapa 114 months ago | reply

    You're invited to post this picture in:
    bogarmania - beetle mania

  13. Alice in Wooonderland 112 months ago | reply

    looks so real

  14. ViralVoltage 103 months ago | reply

    Beautiful photo, I'd like to feature it in a post on the new art blog Arted 4 life at:


    In a post titled: Independence Day Around the World. Please let me know if you approve.

    Thank you!! :)

  15. Rodrigorigami 95 months ago | reply

    Dont need to say that this is great....very real

  16. ORIjso 94 months ago | reply

    i have folded the beetle!
    The picture is on my flickr

  17. tskorigami 92 months ago | reply

    ah..INSANE!Looked like a REAL BEETLE to me...Still does look like a real beetle..Great Job, Sipho!

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