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"Breaking the Wall"  (The "Strangers No More" Project) | by Sion Fullana
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"Breaking the Wall" (The "Strangers No More" Project)

In doing street photography, there's two types of main styles: those who approach people, get to know them a bit and take a consensual portrait of the person, and those who silently observe reality, looking to "connect" with life around and capture it honestly, unguarded, without permission asked. I'm a practitioner of the 2nd type, and the subtype of respectful street shooter, who strives to capture true but flattering sides of their subjects.


In doing so, I've always said I learn to care for the people in my images, whom I'll always have present in my heart when reviewing my work, even though they shall never know of me... Until the few times that is when the wall comes down, and somehow realities converge and make our paths cross again. Serendipity. Magic...


A week ago, walking towards Soho I took a picture of a man with a great expression of a moment of introspective thought. In between an American flag and its reflection, it became a perfect metaphor for "the America in the middle"' as part of my current series "This Is America". I posted the image on IG, and hours later one of my followers (@arieldesign) tagged one other user in a comment. As it turned out, it was the man in my photograph, who gracefully wrote in support of the image and my work and agree to meet for coffee and the chance of me gifting him a print of the photograph.


Meet Luke Dupont (@lukedupont), who I've had the pleasure to meet last afternoon in the city. A Louisiana native recently transplanted to NYC after 4 years in Miami. In the last six months in the Big Apple, Luke -a former art director and designer- has kept very busy as the creative director / co-founder of MARQUEE a startup that promises to become a big new player in the online blogging and content distribution spheres. I think I couldn't have stumbled upon anyone more interesting or with a more useful tool, in these days where I'm searching for a good new communication platform... But l've always believed and said life has a funny way to bring what you need or what can help you grow to your Path, if you're open to listening and receiving.


How lovely to meet you, Luke!


SOHO, New York City.

September 2012


(C) Sion Fullana

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Uploaded on September 21, 2012