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"This Is America" Series

In a new landscape more than ever ruled by the difference between a rich upper class and an increasing lower and mid-lower class, taking a look at any street we can witness those who have the power to have it all, to buy as they please, to travel with luxury, to eat the best food and drink the best wines, to send their kids to best private schools... While others can only break their backs working two or three jobs to sustain their families, or those unemployed sit down and watch life go by, hoping today will be kind, and tomorrow hopefully kinder.


Living day to day, month to month. And both worlds are side by side, two faces on a coin that was flipped without you noticing and landed you on either type.



New York City.

April 2012


© Sion Fullana

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Starting a new documentary/photography series observing the streets around me and wondering "What is the NEW America and how does it look like?".

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Uploaded on May 21, 2012