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"Forbidden" | by Sion Fullana
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The first time I encountered this fantastic character was a few months ago, at the Easter Day Parade on 5th Avenue. That day, she had some sparkling stars covering her nipples. And the photo I took of her that day may have been acceptable to show/share according to the "moral" standards in American media/culture.


Last week, on the most scorching day of the heatwave in NY, I saw her again. This time her breasts were fully displayed. She felt free and she made a statement with her own body. I snapped a photo of her walking by, she saw me and asked if I wanted a better picture of her. So she posed for me. And she looked interesting, natural, beautiful... Only this time the original image could not be shared or seen... Because society has grown a culture of shame on nudity, on skin exposure, on owning your own body.


From Spain, my mom always gets angry at the average American puritanical vision that caused what was called "The Nipplegate" in the infamous wardrobe malfunction that led Janet Jackson's nipple be shown accidentally on stage at the hands of Justin Timberlake on their performance together. It is indeed terrible hypocrisy to denounce something like that as obscene, while I can turn CNN on any night while having dinner and see violence worthy of a forbidden "snuff movie" on my TV. And yet, no one screams against any of that.


A woman's breast, a man's buttocks, some pubic hair showing... No matter in what context will be fought by those who claim it can traumatize or pervert children's minds. And seeing someone being shot in the head or blown up by a bomb in the Middle East won't do that, right? Sometimes I feel like screaming "Wake Up!". Children of the 21st century are way more ahead than you'd think. And if they want to see or learn about sex, there's nothing you can do to stop that. Then again, that is the whole key of the issue... How nudity, in the mind of short-minded people, can ONLY mean sex, or lust or sin... Not an art representation, not a personal freedom, just something dirty... I say... Could it be that what's really dirty is the repressed desire to do thar very same action they scream against?


Meanwhile, this woman walked the streets like that, without the forbidden signs you see now, that I include to be able to make my point without having my account shut down. If you (or anyone) would have walked around Broadway last Wednesday, you would have had to see her... No place to hide, no forbidden signs, no censorship in real life...


Broadway, Soho,

New York

July 2011


© Sion Fullana


DO NOT use or reproduce without my explicit permission. THANKS!


PS: I admit a polite debate about the issue at hand. However, any hateful or insulting comment or disrespectful to the girl in the picture, myself or any other commenter will be deleted and may cause the offender to be blocked/reported


PS 2: If you want to be faithful to this brave woman's statement and see her in all her glory like she intended, feel free to check the uncensored original photo HERE.... but you need to have your account set to be able to see restricted images.

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Uploaded on July 26, 2011