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New York MARRIAGE EQUALITY (5 of 16): "We Will Marry Sometime Soon Now"

UPDATE: We ended up getting officially married in New York on December 11th 2011. :-)


For Anton and I, it has been a very crucial issue.

Not as much in the sense of romanticism, but in an activism sort of way. We know tons of straight people who being foreigners managed to marry their loved one born in America and got immediate green cards and fully open doors in the USA. We even know some gay people who arranged marriages of convenience in order to get that green card. But since the guy married a woman nothing happened, no questions asked, no denial of their request and right to do so....


We, on the other hand, have been together for almost 7 happy years, we care for each other and want to build a wonderful future together. And yet, we have the looming idea of my visa expiring in a year from now, and what could happen if I was forced to leave the country by then. Why don't we deserve the same right for Anton to sponsor me, the person he loves and with whom he shares his life, to have a bigger opportunity and more open doors here? It's so unfair.


Until now. New York is a first step...

Many more to come until rights on a federal level that would bring immigration benefits for same-sex binational couples (they don't exist now). We're hopeful. And we'll keep fighting. We took a bus to go march in Washington a year ago. We will go as far as it takes... and we, as history proves, will someday prevail in our quest for justice and a chance to keep our family strong....


Thank you, Governor Cuomo and New York state, for making same-sex marriage an approved law tonight, making our state the 6th that supports our cause, and making of LGBT New Yorkers a bit more equal citizens. The fight is still long ahead to get our rights recognized in a federal level, but this has been a historic night...


42 years after the birth of the gay civil rights movement at Stonewall, we all returned there to celebrate with joy, emotion and love.


I'm proud and happier than ever to live in this wonderful city.


Stonewall/Christopher Street,

New York


Historic night of June 24th 2011


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Taken on June 25, 2011