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"I'm Singing in the Rain 'What a Glorious Day' "

As today was a gorgeous rainy day full of photo opportunities for what I love to photograph most.... umbrellas, water reflections, the mood and the poetry of the soaked pavement...


And for today is indeed a glorious day for me on my Flickr history. Today, my photostream has crossed the 2 milion views mark!. My first photo ever here was posted early in July 2008. A few weeks later I got my first iPhone image up. November 2008 brought the American election, Obama's victory and my biggest, most successful photo ever: "THE KISS".


Along the way, some big hits with a bit of romance (like here or here), my famous tree among other reflections, 52 weeks of self-portraits, 52 weeks of portraits of my beloved Anton, and lots of umbrellas, NYC & New Yorkers, lights & shadows and an endless supply of iPhoneography trial and error. Some good stuff, some lesser stuff. But I look behind and still stand behind any and every image I've decided to share with you all... for there was something I was trying to say, or transmit or share that day...


I can't help but throwing a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all of you who have been coming to my stream, commenting, faving, adding me as contact, sending me amazing encouraging messages/emails, featuring me in your blogs and magazines, and even giving me the chance to showcase my work in a few exhibits and to work in several projects/gigs as iPhoneographer and photographer, turning what started as a big passion two years and a half ago into a full new path in my life.


Big thanks to Anton too, for putting my first iPhone (3G) in my hands that summer of 2008 for my birthday, allowing me the key to a whole new universe that would be open widely for me... but also for having firmly believed in me since day one (even when some friends or family didn't think this may take me too far), and for his continued patience with me. Let me tell you all, it's not easy to share your life with a street photographer obsessed about street life, people, and the constant chase of the chance to capture a decisive moment, always in the lookout for a shot! Thank the Heavens Anton became an iPhoneographer as well, and he does his own thing too.... that helps! ;-)


And a final thank you to New York City and the wonderful people, sometimes crazy, always great, that populates her, for the eternal inspiration and all the beauty you've given me in the 4 and a half years I've lived here!


Great things have been happening.... some good things are lined up. And it's time to make other cool stuff happen that will need passion and effort... because remember, if chances don't come to you, go out and make them happen! Have inspiration and luck find you working, not waiting and wishing....


And have a wonderful weekend, my dear Flickr friends!


Much love to everyone.




Photo taken on Greenwich Avenue,

New York.

Taken with an iPhone 4 with Lomora2 app, slightly processed with ColorMill app.


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Uploaded on November 5, 2010