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"The Memories that the Rain Brings" | by Sion Fullana
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"The Memories that the Rain Brings"

There is a certain sense of nostalgia many of us get in rainy days... there's a reason those who live in very wet cities have to escape here and there to get some sun to avoid sadness after a while....


But to me, the rain has a nice feel regarding the past... I remember being very little in Majorca and getting super happy when it rained, for it could maybe mean that my family and I would put on a pair of old shoes and head to the country side to capture some snails for a typical Spanish stew! :-)


I remember a wonderful third date in a Barcelona night with a guy I dated for a while, when we were walking up an unusually silent Ramblas street under a shared umbrella, arm by arm, with no noise but the water hitting the pavement and the sidewalk under our feet. I can recall the sense of heaven and the utterly romantic feel the night had...


I remember the rain on a particular night during my two year studies at the international film school in Cuba... there was a party on a weekend night, and we were outdoors dancing... in the middle of the countryside where the school was... when suddenly the rain started REALLY pouring down. The (dance) music was loud, the company great, the night felt sexy somehow, and from the rooftop a waterfall was falling over our clothes from a water drain, but we didn't mind. We were carefree, we were happy and the night was ours... so we danced and jumped and celebrated... it probably is one of my favorite memories ever...


And I have soooo many moments to remember in the rain of New York City... happy, sad, ecstatic, and ever since I started taking photos, always eager to go out when it rains, to capture the essence of the wet city and the landscape of umbrellas, raincoats and rain boots...


This was one of the first iPhone rain photos I ever took on the 3G and I always look back and check it with love, for it helped me realize how much I love this tool to create my work...



SoHo, New York

Taken and processed with an iPhone 4

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Uploaded on October 26, 2010