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52 Weeks Project (38): "I Want to Be a (Super)Hero" | by Sion Fullana
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52 Weeks Project (38): "I Want to Be a (Super)Hero"

When I was 8 years old, my cousin Eva in Majorca (Spain) who's one year older, sat down with me one summer afternoon and started telling me about this great comic series she was reading... there was a group of heroes who were going to space, and this woman who had a fantastic power that manifested as a bird of fire, and how she was turning evil and eventually sacrificed herself for the ones she loved..


It was, obviously, the adventures of the X-Men from Marvel Comics, during the times of the unforgettable "Dark Phoenix" saga. My fantasy-loving young mind was too curious, so I picked my first comic ever and started reading... getting forever hooked into this art... 25 years later... I'm still an avid reader, I live in New York (often portrayed in many of the stories I read), my boyfriend is an editor at DC Comics, one of our best friends (Phil Jimenez) is one of the most famous comic book artists in the world (among other great things, he drew the Obama-Spiderman mighty cover), etc...


All that's left? Is for me to fulfill the ultimate fantasy and become my own (super)hero one day. It doesn't have to mean getting special powers and do colorful stuff... it would be enough for me to be able to do good and meaningful deeds to others, and fight injustice wherever it may be...


I might have to apply myself extra hard, so I can one day use my arts (photography, journalism, cinema) to do it...


Meanwhile, month after month, I'll keep on dreaming, 22 pages at a time... :-D


Self-portraits (1 and 2) at home.

New York.


Taken both with a 3Gs iPhone, using Hipstamatic app (John S lens + Blanko film style)

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Taken on January 17, 2010