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52 Weeks project (1): "The Masks We Wear"

We don't need to be heroes or villains to have masks on...


In fact, in life, with the different people we encounter, in our experiences in the online world (SPECIALLY there/here!), we have different aspects of ourselves, of our good and bad nature, that we bring out for whatever suits better the current need.


Some have masks, others have just complex multi-layered personalities. Some lie about what /who they are, while others decide to peel every layer off and show themselved raw and naked...


In the next 52 weeks, I hope I get to show, once every 7 days, one of my layers...


For I start with a mask today, and will not have any when it's all over...




Self-portrait number 1 of 52


(Taken with 3G iPhone)

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Uploaded on May 4, 2009