Coyamito Pseudomoprh

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    A really nice pseudomorph coyamito. I love the strong geometric patterns in this agate and the great shadow. Also, the center is light amethyst, which i have not seen in many coyamitos.

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    1. thomlane1 42 months ago | reply

      That is a great Coy and you cut it at the perfect spot. Gene Mueller showed me that with agates that tend to have megaquartz centers if you take a shallow lid off you can get a big beautiful specimen and if you cut it in the middle you get a couple of quartzers with thin agate bands outside. Nice job, you hit the sweet spot!

    2. subarcticmike 42 months ago | reply


      then again, pseudomorph agate (trade name?) is a headscratcher for noncutter moi. I see several possibilities for 'pseudomorph' starting with agate itself, which is secondary SiO2...
      but educate me gently, eh? ya'all ;)

      wonderful stone! SiO4

    3. SiO4collector 42 months ago | reply

      Hey Mike. Pseudomorph is actually a geologic term that is used to describe when one mineral replaces a crystal of another mineral and assumes the crystal structure of the mineral it was replacing. In this case, the agate (Microcrystalline quartz) Is replacing aragonite crystals that had grown in the vug prior to the agate deposition. Those nice geometric shapes are the Quartz mimicking the crystal structure of the aragonite crystals. This happens quite a bit in nature and there is a more in-depth description on wikipedia here:

      Here is another great picture from Steve Wheeler showing a very well preserved Agate after Aragonite pseudomorph from the coyamito area.

    4. agates4me 42 months ago | reply

      Man, you NAILED this one Ira!!!

    5. subarcticmike 42 months ago | reply

      Thx Ira!
      I`m going to use yer wikipedia link on my one and only pseudomorph pix, a sulfide.

    6. sdttds 42 months ago | reply

      That is an amazing stone.

    7. dive4blood 42 months ago | reply

      Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez Ira, you really got this one PERFECT! Awesome

    8. Makkyd123 42 months ago | reply

      wow special agate

    9. Captain Tenneal 42 months ago | reply

      That one came off the page as a thumbnail and bit me. The whole thing is awesome. Nice job. And a tip of the cap to Thom Lane for the cutting tip.

    10. agatehill 42 months ago | reply

      A great Coyamito. The geometry gets an extra kick from those bold colors. Nice job.

    11. Lydia Bosley 26 months ago | reply

      Groovy, Ira! Love the complexity of this one and even the red band (my least favorite color) is a nice touch!

    12. offshore geometries 25 months ago | reply

      endlessly fascinating to a neophyte like myself

    13. TRISSS2011 21 months ago | reply


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