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天人菊 ✲ *DO RE ME° •● 。✲ ‧*.○  。°✲ *●﹒ Pink。✲ ‧*.○  

據說,歐洲的少女們,常常在情書中附上一朵中波斯菊。一朵花,負 載了多少情竇初開的少女心思,差澀中帶著期望,喜悅中藏著不安, 以及數不盡「他愛不愛我」的問號。因此波斯菊的花語是:少女的純 情。

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ShirrStone Shelter dolls says:

I loooove this set so much)..
Posted 93 months ago. ( permalink )

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lovelikenew says:

me too.

what a beautiful set.


Posted 93 months ago. ( permalink )

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judo_dad1953 says:

"I'm listening to Isao Tomita's arrangement of Debussy's Arabesque No.1 as I wander through your photostream. Its a perfect combination; it draws me to the image, making me wish I could pass into it and experience the moment wholly. Still, doing so vicariously is no small thing. Its an enviable record of an enviable moment. A tip of the hat to you for having posted such beautiful photographs!"
Posted 92 months ago. ( permalink )

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stephen.h2010 says:

watching this set is a way of enjoying!
great collection!
Posted 91 months ago. ( permalink )

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