• huge box of old photos
  • partially dismantled Panasonic FX9 digital camera
  • test roll from Minolta Autocord
  • first picture Alice made at nursery, age 1yr. It's a fish.
  • tom judd magnetic card
  • various stuff from my past inc. physics text books and a 4-volume collection of old postcards, collected when about 14-15
  • DVD packaging design - file copies
  • trail mix
  • painting bought from local charity shop for ten quid
  • key art disks
  • more key art disks
  • to be recycled...
  • 19" lcd monitor - in case of emergencies..
  • box for slide scanner
  • old tapes from em writing and music years
  • old family slides
  • album of v. old (possibly late victorian) family photos - family unknown - bought from charity shop
  • spare copies of em
  • torch (unopened)
  • childhood/teenage photo albums
  • 100m Velcro
  • design archives
  • paper
  • Pantone survival kit
  • Completion Fund poster (2004) file copy
  • file copy of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
  • Hiding back here is a prized possession - a framed art print of a b&w photo....of Action Men... by John Paul Evans (link NSFW) - ltd edition (2/10)
  • big bag of design samples and assorted film schwag from press screenings
  • random books, e.g Tom Paulin's Walking a Line and The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman
  • framed pic of the kid in a hole on a beach in wales
  • video of my skydive, and Drunken Bees dvd
  • small selection of music CDs
  • Sensory Perspective Electrosmog Detector MW1 - file copy
  • Michel Thomas - Spanish
  • random stuff, including an xbox and a halloween hat with skeletons on it
  • assorted cables
  • bicycle inner tubes
  • defunct pull-cord light switch
  • various software and photo cds
  • pile of unread stuff including staples catalog and financial times
  • cables, cables, cables
  • envelope stash
  • old, old VAT returns, from a previous life...
  • empty things, including v. old leather briefcase
  • flattened storage box lid for keeping the sun out of my eyes in the winter months
  • mobile phone box and accessories
  • pens, pencils, screwdrives, chinese calligraphy brush
  • old cd drives, worth about 10p
  • box for (now dismantled) panasonic fx9
  • samples, hardware documentation, bank statements - just general...stuff...
  • suppliers' info
  • scythian recurve bow by Steve Ralphs
  • paperwork
  • Macromedia Fontographer
  • somewhere under this pile of paper is my desk...
  • design sources, inc old magazines, bits of packaging, anything interesting I pick up...

I love clutter

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...don't you?

nikon fe / mc zenitar-n / f8 / tudor 200

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  1. cautious ink [deleted] ages ago | reply

    ha...nice ! :)

  2. sindesign ages ago | reply

    thanks neoncoil...I know where everything is...honest...

  3. kalyhu ages ago | reply

    I won't lie, this picture stresses me out a bit. Amazing that you labeled everything!

  4. sindesign ages ago | reply

    Thanks Kalyhu - the labelling is more of a map, so I can find stuff later ;-) ...and if you think that's stressful, you should see the view in the other direction!

    Now...where did I put that Velcro?

  5. ℙαґḯṧḯ℮ηηε ages ago | reply

    yahoo for clutter and I love yellow!

  6. Industry Is Virtue ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Woca-35 and other Thrift Store Cameras, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  7. Zie Campbell 120 months ago | reply

    Hi, I am admin for a new group called "Beauty in the Clutter" and your picture is just what we are looking for! We'd be honored to have your picture added to the group!


  8. lizzie noftle 113 months ago | reply

    Good evening,

    I am a student at The School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. I am doing a book project on people and their most prized possessions. I started looking on flickr to see what people had titled their most prized possession, and I found your framed BW print in amongst your awesome clutter.

    I was wondering if I could include you and your prized possession in my book. In a month, I will be getting one copy published from lulu.com, and I could send you the link if you'd want to order a copy of the book for yourself. It will most likely not exceed $10. If you would like to be a part of this, I'd love for you to provide as much or as little of the information below.

    1. Bio: a little about yourself.. where you are from, where you are now, age, sex, name, occupation, etc.
    2. About the possession: a little about the possession.. where you got it, how long you've had it, why it's your most prized possession, memories associated with it, uses for it, etc.
    3. Pictures: obviously there is already one, but if you have more, I'd love them!

    Thank you in advance for helping me with my project. I really look forward to hearing from you. If you don't respond, I will not include your image or anything about you in my book, so no worries about that : )


  9. captcreate 109 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called What's on your shelves?, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  10. michelle000000011 102 months ago | reply


    I have used your picture on my site at procrastination statistics. (Photo credit link in footer.)

    Thanks for making this picture creative commons.

  11. sindesign 102 months ago | reply

    Thanks Michelle - that's cool.

  12. James Pickett 73 months ago | reply

    Thank you for allowing sharing of this excellent picture via Creative Commons. I used it here for my hobby blog: dependentongadgets.com/2012/04/09/going-paperless-with-th...

  13. ffuehren 56 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing under CC. Used it on a (German) blog post about media clutter www.digituos.net/blog/bekennt-euch-zur-mediensucht-und-ru...

  14. AlyHarrold 53 months ago | reply

    Great image! I used it on our client’s post Secure Onsite Shredding Peace of Mind. The post will be published on February 13, 2014.

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