Ken Saro-Wiwa letter, 3 December 1994
In November 1995, the Nigerian patriot and martyr, Ken Saro-Wiwa, chief of the Ogoni tribe, was shamefully executed by the then government authorities for his brave public stand against the destruction of the Ogani ancestral homeland by international oil development projects. A "prisoner of conscience" sponsored by both PEN Canada and Amnesty International, the execution took place despite international appeals and global outrage. A chair in the College's Upper Library is a memorial to his memory and a token [of] Massey College's commitment to human rights. Four years after the execution, Ken Saro- Wiwa's won, Ken Wiwa, moved to Canada and became a Visiting Fellow and Senior Resident of the College. In recognition of the College's support for his father and for providing an intellectual home for himself, he entrusted his father's last letter to him from prison prior to his execution by hanging. The actual letter is housed in the College's archives and can be viewed on request from The Librarian.
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