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Here's a partial shot of my home office (photos in this set were taken for my Declutter The Mess Under Your Desk! blog post).

The desk is a Palermo office desk purchased from Cost Plus World Market (I believe they're no longer sold). The Logitech V200 cordless mouse and M$ Natural Ergonomic Keyboard are tucked away on a sliding keyboard shelf - a feature I love about this Palermo desk. BTW, the mouse was purchased for $10 after rebate from and the keyboard was purchased for less than $20 new off of eBay.

All cables and power bricks have been hidden behind and underneath the desk as shown in this photo and this photo.

The monitor is a Samsung 173P mounted on an Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD arm which I purchased on eBay for $20 refurbished.

The shelf is from IKEA, but I can't for the life of me remember the model - I would personally recommend the BILLY shelf system if you're looking. The storage box on top of the shelf is the IKEA KASSETT, and on top of that rests the FM3 Buddha Machine.

BTW, this is the way my office looks on a regular basis - I've tried my best to minimize any clutter and the only thing that is visible is my MacBook Pro (not shown) which connects to the Samsung monitor via DVI.

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  1. ryry602 73 months ago | reply

    nice room. clean. and I like the wall color :-)

  2. tomas carrillo 73 months ago | reply

    Thanks Ryan! The paint is actually "oops" paint that was found at Lowe's for some ridiculously cheap price. The only issue is had we run out without completing all the walls, we were pretty much screwed. :)

  3. natahlee 73 months ago | reply

    Love the corner windows and placement of the desk. Very nice!

  4. tomas carrillo 73 months ago | reply

    Thanks natahlee! It actually took several tries to get the desk and two shelves setup correctly and in the end this was the only configuration that made the room look more spacious - which was difficult considering it's only 10'x10' and had to accommodate all the office furniture 'stuff'. :)

  5. yooco71 67 months ago | reply

    hi~ i'm a product design student. I'm studying desk lamp.
    Could you tell me: Why do you buy a desk lamp? When will you turn on desk lamp? and How long will you turn on you the desk lamp for?

  6. tomas carrillo 67 months ago | reply

    yooco71, I usually turn on my desk lamp when I need light due to the room being too dark, or whenever I'm using my computer monitor and it is brighter than the surrounding background. Usually that scenario tends to strain my eyes since the monitor is a bit too bright so I turn on my desk lamp to help brighten the rest of the surroundings and reduce the eye strain. As for how long I turn on my desk lamp for, it's usually not for longer than 2-3 hours since I do most of my computing during the day. I hope that answers your questions. :)

  7. FRED_JAV [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

    I need some place than your in me house!!!
    Very nice disign

  8. Nate R. 64 months ago | reply

    Impressive. Does it always stay that clean and organized?

  9. tomas carrillo 64 months ago | reply

    @Nate R. - Unfortunately not. :) Although the nice thing is that once it is organized and everything has a place, then it is much easier to restore everything to an organized condition once things start getting messy. :)

  10. dieaugustin 64 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called meinbilly, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    for my master thesis which I am doing currently at the KISD (Köln International School of Design) I am searching for photos of the IKEA classic shelf "Billy" placed in your rooms. Where is it situated? What does it keep? By what is it surrounded?
    I would be very pleased if you could send me such a photo (in 300 dpi) or directly upload it at
    All the photos will be shown there.

    all the best

  11. Christopher.B 58 months ago | reply

    So how is the pegboard attached to the bottom of the desk? Screwed I assume.

  12. tomas carrillo 58 months ago | reply

    @Christopher.B - The pegboard is attached via an L-bracket to the back of the desk—there's a vertical piece of wood that runs along the back of the desk and that's where the L-bracket meets the desk. Also, you're correct in assuming that it is screwed in. :)

  13. rectangleboy 57 months ago | reply

    you've got a great color scheme going on and your computer fits in real well. what kind of case do you have for your computer? it's beautiful and I'm interested in making one in a similar style.

  14. tomas carrillo 57 months ago | reply

    @rectangleboy - It's actually your run of the mill computer case that I nabbed off of Tiger Direct for about $20 during one of their deals. I then took it apart and had the frame powder coated a metallic green. The outside of the case was already black, so I had a local custom auto shop add pinstripes to the front and sides, and also had them create the Chinese characters on top using a combination of gold leaf, airbrush, and pinstriping.

    As soon as I get around to it, I'll take some decent photos of the case and post them to my flickr account. ;)

  15. NothingButFormals 57 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Nothing But Memorable Decor, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  16. beverly*k 47 months ago | reply

    i loooove this green (i've been looking for it everywhere). where is it from and what is it called? :)

  17. bunniesrgreater 24 months ago | reply

    Where is your printer?

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