King Cobra

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    Designed by Ronald Koh, folded by me, James Lucas. The model is 8 feet long, folded from a rectangle 8.5 inches wide by 22 feet long. It has 5500 scales (folded the tedious, time-consuming way) and thus took four months to fold. The model is free-standing, with no structural supports of any kind. Completed November 4, 2009, 12:40AM. (I don't ever want to fold it again).

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    1. hot-as-fire 59 months ago | reply

      this is the best king cobra I saw so far...and definately....the time was well spent :P Origami is a patience art...and we can much patience you put into that model...thanks for sharing!!

    2. tskorigami 59 months ago | reply

      insane...At first glance, it looked like a real snake...

    3. Miguel1911 57 months ago | reply

      what is the sise of the paper you used?

    4. sin cynic 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks Petr, daniel jones, Wizmatt, Akhil, Paulius, finwich, hot-as-fire, Tom, zeitgeist, & Miguel!
      @Miguel: One uncut rectangle 8.5 inches wide by 22 feet long

    5. Miguel1911 57 months ago | reply

      were can i find the diagrams of that??

    6. TehFold 55 months ago | reply

      What size paper and ratio?

    7. sin cynic 55 months ago | reply

      @Jimmy: Use a rectangle in proportions of 1 x 30 (>30 if you want a longer cobra). I used a tissue foil rectangle 8.5 by 264 inches. The finished model is about 8 feet long with a diameter of about 11 inches when coiled.

    8. joshua goutam [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

      Whoa!! Fantastic!

    9. sin cynic 53 months ago | reply

      Saweet, this made it into the local Las Vegas newspaper! WOOT

    10. joshua goutam [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      Congratulations James!

    11. tyrellie372 52 months ago | reply

      Hey there, i am making the Cobra and i was wondering how you made those specific scales, because they not the ones you see on the diagram. Would you mind sending me a diagram or something to show how to make them? because I really want to add those scales to the body. Thank you

      my email is

    12. PalmtreeKatie 51 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is so amazing! Thank you for being so patient and fastidious! Just love it...

    13. evzen dub [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

      excelent paper! excelent work!

    14. Origasand 46 months ago | reply

      Big respect!!!

    15. Quequetronic 44 months ago | reply

      magnífico plegado.

    16. Julian_l 31 months ago | reply

      very good!!!Really have patience!!

    17. Gary Caruthers 19 months ago | reply

      In the grand old scheme of niftiness yours is quite the niftiest so here’s an award for making your mark Stagnant Fluid As see in - A Moment Reality Took A Breath

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