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Board Game: Edda: The Viking Saga | by simpsonflickr
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Board Game: Edda: The Viking Saga

Edda: The Viking Saga Region Cards



The mythic age is coming to an end with each of the world's races vying to push each other into legend. Each race’s strongest warband has risen to meet the call of the new world. Edda puts you in contol of a warband, granting you abilities and strengths to lead your brothers.


* Stormbringers, of the Vanir, from the frozen seas of the North, fierce and cold-blooded.

* Banehammers, of the Light Elves, closest to the World Tree, radiant and aloof with old ways and rivalries.

* Cursewalkers, of the Jotun, lurking the darklands of the giants, plotting and terrible with the hunger of men.

* Ironcrushers, of the Aesir, from the wilds of Asgard, conquest-bent, trampling everyone underfoot.

* Stonebiters, of the Dark Elves, from the rotting roots of the World Tree, cunning and vengeful against brethren.


Yet, as you and your warband seek conquest over land and seas, you must vie not only against each other, but also against the curse of the Runes -- gifts of great power and destruction! Will your warband survive into the next age?



Players explore the map trying to claim lands and to score points by building, settling, and raiding. The player who scores the most points over the course of the game is the winner!

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Taken on October 11, 2010