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The Order | by Stavaros Gracemount
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The Order

It's been a long day and the shadows are falling across the world swiftly.


They both entered the diner at the same time. The usual girls were there ready to wait on them.


Dani was there with the usual scowl on her face that told him, he'd interrupted her hidden cigarette break again. He'd be lucky if she didn't just walk over and dump the entire tray on him.


He looked over and saw Aealla, she was the the nice one. Why these girls switched seating zones made no sense to him, he preferred her to Dani. She was less likely to make him feel his food from the outside.


He nodded to the other guy and looked back to Dani with a charming smile, hoping he would keep his teeth. "Hey Dani, the usual would ya?"


She gave a pressed lipped smile and then spoke, her voice already getting raspy from the smoke, or just being tired. "It would be the usual if you didn't walk in here so late." she turned and walked away. He watched as she walked then smirked. Whoever landed that one was in for a world of trouble he thought.


Checking back on the stranger, he saw he'd fallen asleep, just as Aealla was bringing him his tray. He couldn't help but give a small laugh. She heard him then glared down at her patron.


He could almost read her expression of,"He thinks he's tired. He should try walking a mile in these heels." he looked down and saw her feet, slowly shaking his head.


Dani came back over with his tray and for a moment he really thought he was going to wear his dinner and not just eat it."Thanks Doll" he said as he slapped a 5 dollar bill on the table as her tip. He knew that would get him a genuine smile even if it cracked her facade.


"Thanks Handsome" she said, snatching up the fiver and tucking it into the place, he would never openly admit he was staring at each time she spoke to him. She turned and walked back to to the register and he smiled thinking to himself, the looks could kill, the food wasn't half bad, but his scenery at the diner was never dull.

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Uploaded on June 18, 2017