Savory Asparagus & Tomato Quiche Pies

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    Tom and I made this last year or so but I made it without the use of a food processor and it literally took me half the day to make the dish and despite how delicious it was, I was hesitant to try it again. Enter new food processor. Wow. WOW. It's so easy (and so fast) with a food processor! This dish is now a staple in our house. It's an adapted version of a recipe by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. It's GREAT for dinner parties or if you're bringing a dish to share and has a very warm hearty (but light) feeling. Yuuuum. And happy Cinco de Mayo to those that celebrate! We're making homemade tortillas and burritos tonight!


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    1. SheriEtta 47 months ago | reply

      that looks so yummy and pretty too

    2. Sarah Jane- Lovely Ember Photography 47 months ago | reply

      Oh goodness this looks yummy!

    3. strange dream 47 months ago | reply

      it looks beautiful and delicious!

    4. Zwieselchen 47 months ago | reply

      This looks so good. It only can be delicious.

    5. {2H Design} 47 months ago | reply

      this looks amazing! i really gotta get over my dislike of beans, huh?

    6. shannon~marie 47 months ago | reply

      awesome! looks delicious!

    7. Simply Stardust 47 months ago | reply

      What about beans do you not like? Because when I was switching over to this diet I was hesitant about the amount of beans (the only beans I'd ever had were refried and baked!) but honestly they don't even taste like bean anything. The beans we use (black for burgers & white kidney/navy for this) just absorb the flavors of everything else in the meal. And in this case you don't even get the texture of beans because it's whipped into a puree! I'm not sure what it is that you dislike (texture, taste, etc) but to me these are definitely not scary at all.

    8. alyssakai 47 months ago | reply

      I have a pretty strong dislike of beans as well, but I'm not sure what exactly I don't like. I usually just omit them from recipes or pick around them, but I think they would be fine in this. I wanted to try your black bean burgers, but black beans are the only type that I really can not make myself eat.

    9. CynShaw87 47 months ago | reply

      That looks insanely delicious.

    10. lunerin 47 months ago | reply

      owwww oww... wow..

    11. stephanie-jane 47 months ago | reply

      That looks so yummy and now I want this for lunch :)

    12. i eaт sтars 47 months ago | reply

      Oh wow! This looks and sounds fabulous :)

    13. Lourdes Gasol 47 months ago | reply

      Oh, oh. I LOVE this. I'll have to try it. Nice photograph, too! <3

    14. savannahwilliams 47 months ago | reply

      that looks sooo delish

    15. dominiquegalt 47 months ago | reply

      Is there a particular brand pie crust you get for pies? I haven't seen any that don't have lard or egg product and I remember that being an issue when I made vegan foods for Thanksgiving last year. Wondered which you get because it looks delicious!

    16. Simply Stardust 47 months ago | reply

      I actually make mine (and I can flickrmail you the recipe) but Mrs. Smith's Deep Dish Pie Crust is vegan and so are the Keebler Ready pie crusts (for desserts, as these are shortbread and graham cracker). I didn't think/know you were vegan?!

    17. dominiquegalt 47 months ago | reply

      No, I'm not. I made vegan for for guests but we enjoyed all of it with our meal, though. We have been cutting down, as honestly, most of my meat intake isn't what I make at home but comes from the fast food I eat as stress food on the road from school or work. I just wondered because my first inclination was pie for that meal but the crusts I looked at, I believe it was Pillsbury, listed the first ingredient as lard. Cool, do send! I've made breads and other crusts before but I'm interested in seeing how to get around the egg/cutting it with butter problem. Yours in the picture looks like a really bready crust and really delicious.

    18. Simply Stardust 47 months ago | reply

      Wow, what a fabulous host you are! Usually we bring dishes, though I don't mind that at all to be honest. And I know what you mean- I grew up in a house with really bad eating habits (lots of diabetes in the family now!) and I do struggle sometimes with eating when I'm bored. I'm not hungry I just like the taste and flavors of food! Anyway, this is probably TMI for a public Flickr stream BUT there you go. I've sent the crust recipe via flickrmail!

    19. Joxmox 45 months ago | reply

      Like such yummy shots! Very nice. And I guess it tastes wonderful!

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