the simple gibson tuck

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    I’ve received a lot of compliments on this easy rendition of the once popular Edwardian hairstyle, and I keep thinking to myself that Victorian is in right now and I should share this simple style. It wasn’t until a make up artist stopped me in a coffee shop in Traverse City asking me how that I finally put my foot down. As soon as I get back from Ireland, I thought. Well today it’s snowing up a storm outside and I don’t have everything I need to bake the muffins I wanted, so here we are!

    Without further UPDO (har har), The Simple Gibson Tuck!

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    1. lorena.arance [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

      love, love your hair.
      You are an artist.

    2. Sarah Elizabeth . [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

      its' so adorable! thanks so much for sharing it! I'm definitely doing this in th future! :D and what a cute photo too. :) the reds are awesome

    3. Lunayda 52 months ago | reply

      love the colours

    4. MelKouas 52 months ago | reply

      love your little remote hiding! :) your colors are amazing. If only I had orange hair

    5. Lourdes Gasol 52 months ago | reply

      Do you live/work in Traverse City? I have cousins and uncles who live there. :D Considering I'm in Spain and the US is really big, it's a nice coincidence. :) I would like to visit Michigan one day, I've seen photos and it look so beautiful.

      Anyway, I absolutely love your hair. :D

    6. Simply Stardust 52 months ago | reply

      I used to live in Traverse City (for 6+ years)! That is a pretty big coincidence. If you do visit, we should both visit at the same time and plan a photoshoot meet-up!

    7. AntonioRabelo 52 months ago | reply

      fantastic colors

    8. mondocheesemonster // photography [deleted] 52 months ago | reply


    9. niskoa 52 months ago | reply

      Wow, I've been wanting to cut my hair short, but I must try this before I do!!

      I really like the music in the video (it added all this emotional drama and angst to your tutorial!), can you tell me who it is?

    10. Simply Stardust 52 months ago | reply

      It is Röyksopp's "Triumphant"! Though I must say it surprises me you find it angsty (I think that's the beauty of instrumental music.) because I use it as a track to go running with! It pumps me up. =D

    11. niskoa 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks! Sounds like it's your version of what J Ralph's 'One Million Miles' does for me. =]

    12. evinella 51 months ago | reply

      Love these colors!

    13. jaz_on_tour 47 months ago | reply

      How do you do it? It looks so elegant.

    14. Simply Stardust 47 months ago | reply

      Thank you! It's sooo easy- here's a link to a tutorial I posted on my blog about it, and there's even a video included.

    15. meaaduarte 32 months ago | reply

      this is just beautiful :)

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