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first and foremost, this picture is SOOC.

i love golden hour photos, they always come out so amazing :)

this picture is probably my most favorite self portrait now. :D

will be uploading tomorrow!

p.s. -this isn't rain :)- people seemed confused on how i did this, so i'll explain haha. there were two hoses, one with a mist nozzle another just running down my driveway.

p.s.s. -i'm sorry if i don't accept group invitations, but i don't like adding my photos to groups, sorry again :(

please if you favorited this before could you try to do it again?

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  1. chardeenly 83 months ago

    FP again dude!
    awesome picture man :D

  2. curlygirl06 [deleted] 83 months ago

    well they already said all (: But I will again, this is truly amazing and well deserved.
    Brilliantttttt tones, I'm in love.

    Wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment on my pic, really loved it. Thank u so much (:

  3. rachel.plowman 83 months ago

    Awesome - this ROCKS! Congrats on explore - well deserved!

  4. LUCAS TATAGIBA 83 months ago

    B e A u T i F u L

  5. ashley s lee 83 months ago

    this is literally perfect. just perfect.
    i love it so much!

  6. TravellingTheBLU26 83 months ago

    Excellent photo Jeen! You're very talented and have a keen eye for photography!

  7. jordasaurus123 83 months ago

    Omg, this picture... is AMAZING! omg, im soo jealous!

  8. mareva (lagordajarra) 83 months ago

    wonderful capture! the light is amazing!

  9. janies. 83 months ago

    oh my word this is incredible

  10. 83 months ago

    woahh this is amazing !

  11. Anathema Photography. 83 months ago

    This is absolutely amazing!

  12. Jordan Fischels [deleted] 83 months ago

    I can't believe this is sooc! You're incredible! I love this so much. :)

  13. ChrisGomezE. 83 months ago

    Im in love with this picture!!!

  14. Chez Vecchione 83 months ago

    Very inspiring. Im listening to Adam Young/Sky Sailing's "I Live Alone" right now and it seems fitting, it's beautiful and sad and makes me happy, like your photo. Very good idea!

  15. Patricia K.O 83 months ago

    the lighting here is so magical :O
    i love it!!

  16. Tessa Yoder 83 months ago

    this is amazing, the lighting is fantastic

  17. David'sLil'Jadey♥ (New Account) [deleted] 83 months ago

    Wow this is so nice, deserved explore

  18. faithdamm 83 months ago

    Oh my gosh!! This is brilliant! Congratulations on the explore, you definitely deserve it.

  19. grapparappe [deleted] 83 months ago

    THAT IS AMAZING. really, I think, this is one of the most impressing photos i've seen in my life :)

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