Resting on the River Bottom

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    A fish taking it easy on the bottom of the Big Sauble River.

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    1. pesotum74 102 months ago | reply

      Cool picture.

    2. smoe107 102 months ago | reply

      Nice photo, but I think it is a trout or salmon.

    3. Diann* 102 months ago | reply

      Thank you both.

      Really? (on this not being a northern pike)

      All I have to go by is the sign that was conveniently located about a yard away from where I took this photograph. Both trout and salmon are in that river--but this looked more like a northern pike to me.

      I'll have to see what other people say about this.....any fisherpeople out there?

    4. smoe107 102 months ago | reply

      Check out the Rainbow Trout on this website and compare it with your photo. Notice the black spots on the top and the very small fin on its back near its tail. Then compare it to the Northern Pike. website.

    5. charmante 102 months ago | reply

      What a great shot! It's as if the fish was just waiting for you to take its picture! Lovely clear water, too!
      You got lucky... Great capture!

      (Not a fish person, but it is spotted like a trout; we can't really see the pink "rainbow" stripe too well, which would be closer to its tummy...)

    6. ♥loveberries 102 months ago | reply

      This shot is amazing!!

    7. Diann* 102 months ago | reply

      thank you pesotum, smoe, chamante, and loveberries for the comments and with id'ing the fish.

      ....I'm still not sure. I have a professional fisherman in the family--married to my niece. When I can, I'm going to show this to him for identification. In the meantime, calling it a :)

    8. skin 102 months ago | reply

      The discussion on this picture for the Weekly pool can be found here.

    9. ezz_eddie 101 months ago | reply

      Wow nice trout, makes me want to get my fishing gear out.

    10. flopper 101 months ago | reply

      wow, such a big fish! nice catch!

    11. Diann* 98 months ago | reply

      Thank you, farlane!

    12. Jim Sorbie 97 months ago | reply

      This IS really cool Diann!

    13. Diann* 97 months ago | reply

      Thank you---I felt really lucky to spot this--and really happy that I got a good shot of it.

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