raw meat

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    We decided to try the method of preparation found here:

    The meat was in no way salty, in fact, I almost never salt my food and found after cooking that the steak wanted a little salt. It was so tender after sitting for an hour in the salt that I had to use two hands to lift it lest it fall apart. It was not that fall apart tender when I unwrapped it.

    It was delicious.

    I never buy meat; and I can't remember the cut.

    1. vitaman 86 months ago | reply

      This is a great photo! I have the perfect blog post to accompany it. I will forward our readers to this page. (Attribution and link to your photo is listed at the bottom of the post.) Check out your pic in action: www.marksdailyapple.com Have a great day!

    2. simplerich 86 months ago | reply

      A better link for the future is: www.marksdailyapple.com/meat-tips-tricks-hacks/

      Just because it points to the post the pic was used in :)

      You mentioned it in an off-hand way when talking about cooking steak, but any meat cuts and serves better if you let it rest after cooking it. You don't want it to sit for half an hour under a heat lamp... but letting it sit for the five minutes you talked about will help almost ANY meat keep the juices in the meat when we eat it instead of them running out as soon as we make the first cut so the rest is dry and toughish.

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