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    I have a debilitating sunburn on my shoulders from the yard sale. I suppose sitting in direct sunlight for 8 hours straight, two days in a row, will do that to you!

    I had heard of this home remedy. Tons of bags of black tea in a little bit of water.

    (Sam, I hope you don't mind that I used all of your black tea.)

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    1. sweetpotatoe 70 months ago | reply

      lovely shot! i love black tea.

    2. Kennedy Garrett 70 months ago | reply

      this is so pretty.
      sorry about the sunburn.

    3. Elise + [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

      That stinks....I hope your sunburn gets better:)

    4. jljjld 70 months ago | reply

      Tea is good for everything!! Hope it helps!!

    5. massdistraction 70 months ago | reply

      Lovely shot, sad sunburn. Did it work?

    6. celine steen 70 months ago | reply

      hope you are better now.

    7. cakexploder 70 months ago | reply

      Wait, you're not going to drink that, right? D:

    8. simple tess 70 months ago | reply

      Thank you everyone. It is too soon to tell if it has worked! My shoulders are nice and orange and sticky now, though. The plus side is that the apartment smells wonderful. Mmmm chai.

      Sam, I am kind of considering it. It smells really good. Haha.

    9. louveciennes 70 months ago | reply

      this one might sound odd, but when i was little i got severe sunburns all the time and the way my gran would treat them was to spray vinegar on the burns. plain old white vinegar will do. it immediately takes the pain out of your sunburn. the smell goes away after a little while, it's best to let the vinegar dry on your skin to let it do the best work. then you can shower it right off after a couple hours.

      hope you feel better.

    10. simple tess 70 months ago | reply

      Thank you, dear. Believe it or not, I already did the vinegar thing too! Haha. I've tried about four different remedies at this point.

    11. Stephanie Caldwell 70 months ago | reply

      ouchy. at least you got a beautiful photograph out of it. :)
      feel better soon.

    12. Monique Barber 70 months ago | reply

      Stunning! Kind of moody...

    13. kendall.micayla 70 months ago | reply

      wait.... im kinda slow... do you put the tea on your sunburn, or drink it? im having trouble telling what you mean...
      but its a pretty picture any hoo!
      vinegar usually works for me, like louveciennes said but everybodys skin is different so it might work on me and not you.

    14. ~moniqe~ 70 months ago | reply

      such a cute composition, love the light blue mug :)

    15. lysavi 69 months ago | reply


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