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    Maybe I should sell my version for $198 a pop to undercut these morons.

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    1. mylkhead ages ago | reply


      Let me clarify, you can certainly design a logo for yourself or a client using our vector packs. The problem with logo maid is they are making available our vector shapes to anyone.

      We've had numerous requests for web designers wanting to build a flash-based editor of sorts that allows anyone to use pre-made graphics to build a design. And by using our Go Media Vector Packs as one of the pre-made graphics, they are essentially providing free access to those vector shapes. It's kind of a gray area. And we decided to say "no" to that.

      In our original faq, we had no idea people would be asking us to use them for stuff like that. So that's why we edited it.

      But you can still design a logo using our packs. Just as long as you aren't making the "logo" available to a large audience.

    2. malcolmiix ages ago | reply

      Loooong discussion.

      Daquino: I think they did explain it; Danscannon mentioned it above. If you'll check the templatemonster link ( there is a similar logo they used .. just rotated and one part removed. Logomaid seems to have that logo in free section - they don't seem to be selling it anyway.

    3. Soilsiu ages ago | reply

      Looks like there should be a copyright group that you register your work with which enforces your rights.

      If someone were to infringe a design/photo/illustration online they could strong arm the server to remove the site. A suitable and probably effective strategy as every company has a site these days.

    4. Warren & Shana ages ago | reply

      Unbelievable. I thought the bracket design rip-off was bad enough...but the friggin' house/cube really is takin' the piss.

      Dan you need to bend this naughty little maid over your knee and spank her bottom till its black and blue aka. take logomaid to the cleaners!

      I'm sure you could set up a fund. I know I would throw in a few bucks to watch a good scrap!

      Good Luck Dan

    5. dependent ducks [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I incidentally stumbled upon this thread when googling something and I think it's really amusing. Shame I didn't know about this earlier, when the things were still relevant. Anyway, a very late reply to that guy asking there "Dan, I'd still take this clown to court. What's to stop him in the future from doing the same?":

      Well, nothing will, they probably use the court as their second living room.

      I actually worked with the people now behind the LogoMaid back in 2002, when they were doing plain old webdesign (well, they still do anyway, LogoMaid is just one of their projects).

      In case someone is interested, here is my own little story:
      Back then I had a web development company and an old friend (or better, a guy I thought I knew a bit, we will call
      him Lubos) asked me for a favor - he was freelance programmer and about to permanently move from Europe to Australia
      and still had one project open. He was coding a web portal for Vilords (the guys behind LogoMaid), but because there was no chance he could finish it in time, he instead asked me to take over and finish the web site for them. At least this was his story. It was a paid work, we did it all the time, and everything looked fairly easy. Then.

      To quickly roll through the boring parts - as we were all based in the same city, I asked Lubos to arrange a quick meeting with (Paul) Pavol Viluda of Vilords, to discuss the project details. Based on the list of yet missing parts of the portal, provided by Lubos, we agreed on a fixed price, did some quick time projections as they were "already past deadline" with this project, I acquired the project sources and both me and Pavol agreed that there is no need to write down a contract right on the spot, as it will be drafted some time before we finish and hand over the final code and for that little money involved it's not a pressing matter. My company had a common rule to not let our clients touch the sources of a final product before we get paid, so as far as I was concerned, we were covered enough. Stupid me.

      I assigned the development to one of my guys and switched my attention to more serious things, just occasionally doing a proxy between my programmer and Lubos, who seemed to be the only one who really knew what the portal should do. Missing project documentation was nothing to be surprised with, it was always the same everywhere.

      But as my guy progressed with our parts and buried deeper inside the shadily coded monster, he started to realize that large parts of claimed functionality that should have been finished is either missing or just an empty shell of a code supposed to look that it's doing something, but in reality only hiding the fact that from the claimed "80% is already done", there was no more than 15% to 30% really present or working, everything else were just a tons of unconnected frontend pages and a fundamentally broken administration, even this probably made for a different project.

      I almost went furious and numerous times asked both Lubos and Pavol to explain me what I'm supposed to do with that crap and how we should FINISH a project that from most parts doesn't even exist. Initially they played the common surprised part, then went to the "disconnected" phase, when Pavol blamed Lubos for everything and Lubos was already "very busy with Australia" and "unable to comment". Few days later, just as we wanted to quit the project because someone obviously lied to us, Pavol told me that Lubos has fully dropped his claim on the payment and if we finish the missing parts and deliver the whole project as soon as possible, we can bill Vilords for the full price. At the same time Lubos contacted me and apologized for the mess, that he was in a hurry and under time pressure and now that his things
      are settled, he is available to consultations about the poorly documented, missing or broken parts that only he knew about, based on his meetings with the upstream client. I assigned a second programmer to the project to get it finished and out of my house as soon as possible.

      A week or two later, when we were 99% done with almost everything except some undecipherable component, I again asked Lubos for help to explain to my guy how it should really work so he can finish it at last (project documentation they promised us never materialized, but this is always expected in web business). As they were looking into it, they again found a string of obfuscations and broken code buried deep into the core, that would need another day or two of cleaning and fixing to bring into the final stage.

      Pavol was already very annoying, calling every few hours to check if we are done, citing his missed deadlines with his client, that really were in no concern to us as this wasn't our mess. Then Lubos offered a miraculous solution, as the project was technically done and this last broken thing was his own old code that he really knew much better, he will take it over and fix that part quickly so we can finally deliver the project and at least he will not feel guilty about the mess anymore. Back then I didn't see a problem with it, though we
      were not any good friends, I already knew him for some 5 years and honestly, I wanted to get rid of it fast. So I approved.

      I think you have seen it coming, not long after my guy let Lubos access the project, Pavol Viluda contacted me, smiling, and told me that we are "late with the delivery and he won't pay anything". I still wasn't getting it so I just calmly told him that it's fine, then there is no project to be delivered, and if he is happy with that. He told me (it was somewhere on ICQ and I even now remember he was using quite a lot of smilies, something surely got him into a good mood) that I'm an idiot and he doesn't need anything from me.

      Few days later, the whole portal thing was launched, fully utilizing everything our company did - the very final version of the product Lubos had access to in the last days. Even though at this point I realized we already lost this war (remember, this was not in the US and just suing them in our country might cost us more in the long run than the full project's budget), I contacted Lubos asking him how does he feel. He was quite elusive, first acting like he doesn't know anything, then, after I directly told him he was the only on outside of our company who ever had access to our project sources and it's perfectly clear what he did, playing innocent like he only sent them to Pavol for some testing, even later changing his version to that only he handed them over because Pavol promised him he will pay us the full price (!), and there were probably some more, that I already wasn't interested in.

      The very last thing I did, after counting our company's losses for two fulltime programmers assigned to this project, I contacted
      Pavol asking him where can I send him the invoice. He told me, again smiling, something in the lines of this:

      "If you want something, you can sue us :)))"

      (And yes, I really wrote all this just after I saw this thread. Well, it brought back memories.)

    6. Djembefola ages ago | reply

      That's madness web design dublin

    7. imixmagtmb ages ago | reply

      wow its a a high style design.good work

    8. For Inspiration Only ages ago | reply

      This thread will not be read too much, but today I got some "welldesigned" spam by a Dutch web company that contained some elements that were close to rip-offs of the SimpleBits. I have been analyzing their website for a couple of seconds and found stome stuff that may come close to a rip-off or image rhyme.

      So the green and the brackets are references to the SimpleBits logo, but do you know why the shield is familiar to me?

    9. eydryan ages ago | reply

      I'm sorry to side with the opposition on this one, but they're not that similar... yours is more simplistic and well, there's enough difference there for differentiation.

      and anyway, a logo is just that, make a brand out of it, they can't steal that.

    10. joelf ages ago | reply

      i like sandwiches

    11. Chris F. O'Donnell ages ago | reply

      I'd just like to mention that I take the design process very seriously – I'm trying to learn as much as I can from people who have done it the longest.


      I would never, ever, ever steal content or graphics from a well-respected designer... Who the hell would have bought that garbled-up shit of a logo from LogoMaid anyway? Selling that and some FrontPage templates isn't worth $200 in my eyes – I'd rather design my own.

    12. @PaulAnnett 117 months ago | reply

      Just came across someone ripping off the Clearleft logo in the same way (though distributing it for free rather than selling it).

    13. xicubed 117 months ago | reply

      I wasn't going to say anything but did you see/do Mozilla's Bespin logo? hehe

    14. orenjico 98 months ago | reply

      @javicover wow lol, Chase is not gonna be happy.

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