Grand Designs House for Rent in Dalston
Me & Nicky are off to walk across New Zealand then sun ourselfs in the south pacific for 8 months!

One thing we weren't looking forward too was letting our lovely house go.. We rent and it is by far and away the most amazing house either of us has ever lived in.

Thankfully when we told the landlord about our plans (who is great by the way) he was happy for us to find someone to move in while we were away so we could move back in on our return :)

We did have a friend lined up, but it recently fell through..

So if you're looking for place to stay in Dalston, near Hackney Downs train station and now Dalston tube. Between Mid October 2010 until the end of May 2011, then get in touch.

It built in 2006 I think, it was featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs. It's truely an amazing 1 bedroom detached house, perfect for a couple.

Rent is £1414 a month
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