Eight Passion Proteins With Care
Stanley Green used to be a familiar sight around London. He wasn't quite in the Buckingham Palace league, but for some of us, he was a trip worth making. From 1968 until his death, he would patrol the main roads around Oxford Circus, carrying a sign reading "LESS PASSION / FROM LESS / PROTEIN: / MEAT FISH / BIRD; EGG / CHEESE; / PEAS incl.lentils / BEANS; NUTS / AND SITTING / PROTEIN WISDOM / ASK FOR A BOOKLET". This was a very basic summary of his intriguing beliefs on the connections between nutrition, the sedentary life, and human sexuality.

As well as wandering the West End, Mr Green used to sell a leaflet entitled "Eight Passion Proteins With Care", which I have scanned and reproduced here. It's eleven pages long, plus the front cover (below) and a three-page 'supplementary' which is also here. It cost twelve pence, a curious amount which I imagine meant that Mr Green was bedevilled with constantly having to give change. He used to live in Haydock Green, Northolt, in the depths of north-west London's suburbia. He died in December 1993.

The Museum of London - a fine institution more than worthy of your patronage - has a complete set of each edition of the booklet, along with his famous banners. They have a photograph of him here. Donna Kossy featured four pages from the "Passion Proteins" leaflet on page 92 of her 1994 book "Kooks" (Feral House, ISBN 0-922915-19-9) - the cover and first page, along with the first two pages of the 'supplementary'.

He was sufficiently part of the London scene that he gets mentioned in a few novels - he has a cameo in Ben Elton's "Gridlock", for example. A character presumably based on Green could be glimpsed very briefly at the start of a Walker's Crisps advert which aired some years ago, featuring Gary Lineker in an Austin Powers-style dance number.
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