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A Trip To Mars

"Created at the turn of the century, travel by airship appeared to be the great new excitement of the twentieth century. There is no reference whatsoever to aeroplanes, pointing at a possible date around 1902. There are many jokes about the impossibility of space travel - even the very idea was preposterous. On the lid of the game, the advertisement for 'marsconigrams' refers to the sensational achievement of Marconi, who sent a message 2000 miles from Cornwall to Newfoundland in December 1901." - Six Victorian & Edwardian Board Games, Olivia Bristol, Michael O'Mara, 1995




Two to four players

Choose a different coloured airship to fit in each counter holder

1 die


Who can reach Mars first? Throw the die to see who starts. Players or 'airships' start at EARTH on the right of the board and try to move to the outer circle where MARS is at the top lefthand side. Airships move the number of small circles indicated on the die in an anticlockwise direction. If an airship falls on a larger circle, then it is instructed to move either towards the SUN in the centre or outwards to MARS. If the airship is unlucky enough to have a disaster and fall into the SUN then the player is out of the game. To reach MARS the exact number must be rolled, otherwise the player must forfeit one go. If an airship lands on a circle already occupied, then the first ship must exchange circles with the invader.

Game board here.

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Taken on April 25, 2009