Wee girl

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    La Petite Géante stops to answer a call of nature. Being gentlemen, her assistants give her some privacy.

    UPDATE - Pete Woodhead has found a photo on the BBC website of me about to take this...

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    1. Simon Crubellier 108 months ago | reply

      Thanks again everyone - Nad, sadly not, although apparently it pissed as well.

    2. MSH* 108 months ago | reply

      Ha, is it me or does she look slightly embaressed?

    3. Simon Crubellier 108 months ago | reply

      I think he looks more embarassed.

    4. bitospud 108 months ago | reply

      Give that girl an Asbo!

    5. Simon Crubellier 108 months ago | reply

      After five days, this is now the most viewed pic in my photostream. Obviously the puppet/urination combo is a winner; I'll be looking out for more opportunities...

      Thanks everyone!

    6. robjgreen 108 months ago | reply

      I missed this part of the show, fantastic photo though with "Nothing to see here!" look on his face.

    7. beetlejuice01605 108 months ago | reply

      Awesome !! - straight concept from a bunch of potheads - Smoke some more Pot - get High - then get to work on crazy shit.

    8. Princess Valium 108 months ago | reply

      I don't know that I necesarily agree with you on that, beeltejuice01605.

      I think it's kind of insulting to the massive creativity it would take to dream this kind of thing up by reducing it to a drug-induced reverie.

      Besides, most of the potsmokers I've ever known would sit and chat about it for years whilst hitting the bong but never get off the sofa to do anything about it.

    9. lawatha 106 months ago | reply

      Thank you for posting this shot in the Interestingness pool.

    10. Junkie Star [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      ella viene a chile! =)

    11. _Kriebel_ 102 months ago | reply

      Great photo Simon, consider send your best ones to www.flickr.com/groups/royaldeluxecentral/

    12. erikajessop 98 months ago | reply

      ...and the title is wonderful!

    13. Daniel A. Norman 98 months ago | reply

      Special Invite to RAW Street Photography group

    14. Rudolf Tiberius Schultz MacMillan III 97 months ago | reply

      She seems to have had to go quite a few times during this.

    15. zTransmissions 91 months ago | reply

      perfect shot of the little girl. i missed last year's london show but got to see her in reykjavik this year. she's amazing.

    16. grebo guru 91 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Big-boned girl who need to take a wee in public, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    17. WarzauWynn 88 months ago | reply

      OMFG that's crazy huge

    18. laparisienneavelo 67 months ago | reply

      Excellent photo!

      Please consider adding this to:

      Theater and Performing Arts (post 1/award 1)

      Award at least 1 other photo for each one you post!

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