II Naples Urban Sketchers Workshop 2013
Naples - May 30 / June 2, 2013
An Urban Sketching Workshop
with Simo Capecchi, Caroline Peyron, Laura Scarpa and Lapin.

Hosting institution: Riot Studio
Graphic by Franco Lancio

Sponsor: sketchbooks donated by MOLESKINE.

THANKS to all the people, associations and institutions that welcomed us and let us draw in:
Museo di Paleontologia, Ufficio Corpi di Reato a Castel Capuano, Bagni Elena e Bagni Sirena a Posillipo, Zurzolo Teatro Live, Giardino di Babuk, Associazione Kodokan Napoli, Vivaio Calvanese, Giardino di Babuk.

SPECIAL THANKS to Riot studio's friends - our fabulous hosting place and Mena Bufano, Peppe Marmo, Alice and Stefania of LADU, Manuela of ZTL.

THANKS to "People from the Mountains" for their Matita project show.
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