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    Left this in the tip jar at Murky Coffee in Arlington, VA today. I really, really don't appreciate a condescending lecture about how I shouldn't drink my espresso over ice.

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    1. Aldo Coffee 70 months ago | reply

      Espresso over ice - simple to do, shake it up in a cocktail shaker with ice, pour into martini glass. Tastes great. Lots of shops in Italy do it as well. It's called a Shakerato. Very little dilution from the ice shaker, but it is cold and refreshing.

      Of course if you're going to ask them to pour your shot into a large ice-filled cup so you can fill it with milk, then no shop really wants you for a customer. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

    2. the kicker2008 70 months ago | reply

      Dear Nick, Owner, murky coffee,

      You are a tool. Get a life you coffee-douche.


      Michael, former murky coffee customer

    3. tempophage 70 months ago | reply

      i work in a video store renting. all day long i rent people movies that i would never ever watch. the way the barrista acted is the same as if i refused to help a customer find or rent a movie because i didn't like it. the barrista is a bad employee and the owner behaves as if he is unfamiliar with the basics of service industry business practices. they have a RULE that you cant ASK QUESTIONS about the $5 hot chocolate?
      idiot. idiot. idiot.

    4. kyz 70 months ago | reply

      Wow, beanchef, you are amazing. Are you going to complain about people robbing the store of its heating?

      If one person has ghetto lattes on a regular basis, the people she's cheating are the other customers, not you. You've factored the cost of the cream in already (even the expensive stuff). Tell her about the effects she's having on other people and ask her to stop. If she won't, stop selling her coffee.

      If everybody is having ghetto lattes, or a variety of people are having them, then it's not stealing, it's just a cost of business which you have already factored in, along with heating, electricity, rent, decor, taxes, wages and supplies.

      People love the thrill of "free" things even though they pay more than the market value to get them. A restaurant here in Edinburgh kept having its salt and pepper shakers stolen by customers - they're tiny little cube things, lovely really. What the restaurant did was start giving them away to anybody who would actually ask for them. They then got the story published in the local papers and it led to a lot of publicity (and new customers) for the restaurant.

    5. Aldo Coffee 70 months ago | reply

      Obviously you don't own a business.

      The single ghetto latte customer is stealing from the owner. If there are many gheto lattes customers, then yes, that would probably result in a change, like putting the cream behind the counter. Not a price increase. A good business doesn't plan pricing around the exceptional jerks. It plans around normal folks.

      But I do like the salt shaker story. It was a good response from the business.

    6. beanchef 70 months ago | reply


      A certain amount of cream, sugar, etc is factored in to the cost of a cup of coffee called a "Q" cost. However for cream this is figured at MAYBE 1oz, NOT 8+oz. That cost adds up more quickly than people imagine. Part of it is the principal of the action. And how are they cheating the other customers and not the business? Aldo is right in that you must not own your own business. I do feel sorry for your employer. Condiment bar costs are mostly figured to account for drip coffee and not the more expensive espresso based drinks.

      It's the sense of entitlement that's the really annoying part.

      I do like the salt shaker story. Nice way of turning things around.

    7. robsdc123 70 months ago | reply

      Didn't the people who raised you teach you that two wrongs don't make a right? Acting like a self-admitted (on ) "total dick" doesn't make things any better, nor does the threat of arson. GROW UP, Mr. Simmermon. The world needs fewer of the self-important yuppie scum like you. Get some therapy for your hyper-sensitive thin skin personality.

    8. beanchef 70 months ago | reply

      Can I get an AMEN!!!

    9. mroriginal44 70 months ago | reply

      Some things I learnt in hospitality:
      1) The customer gives us money, we make their food/drinks the way they want them, even if the thought of it makes us sick.
      2) If a customer is an arsehole, we make fun of them out of their earshot, spread word about them among staff and if they are a complete aresehole - sabotage their next order.

      Seriously, if I want a milky flat white in a glass instead of a latte - then give it to me!

    10. jpscoffee 70 months ago | reply

      Although I understand the policy, I tend to give a customer what they want (we have our own issues at our store and have made policies that not everyone likes). What is stupid is the attitude and actions of a customer like this. If you don't like the store, don't go there. Simple way of communication. Enough people do it and owner gets message.


    11. private_wreckage 70 months ago | reply

      Watching this silliness over from the other side of the pond, I wonder if usa citizens even know about


    12. raging_diarist 70 months ago | reply

      Back when I was in AA and people used to say they wanted better self-esteem, my sponsor, a pretty cool guy, used to say it was simple: 'Simply behave estimably.' It's not a chicken or egg question. Treating others poorly makes us feel badly. Treating others well makes us well. Our experience of the world around us is 99% projection and we sometimes project some very wierd shit.
      Love your brother,

    13. Leo King 70 months ago | reply

      Hey could you come over here a minute? I need to punch you in your dick.

    14. alau23 70 months ago | reply

      wow... way to rise above the moment. i've been in retail too, and sometimes you have to say no to the customer. you can't blindly do whatever they ask like some kind of idiot lapdog. time and place, people. not having witnessed the event, i think both parties are at fault here. dickwad customer + haughty barista = everybody's a loser. including me because now i've wasted 5 min of my life reading about this stupidity and commenting.

    15. dustout 70 months ago | reply

      Here here! Although I would not have responded the way you did, I would have WANTED to! What an asshat. Policy my ass, give the man his damn iced espresso. Be human, not a corporate slave. =) Hope you find a better place to get iced espresso! Everyone has different tastes. There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to like something, it's opinion. What the hell is wrong with people?

    16. Lindenshade 67 months ago | reply

      4 things you all should know:

      Businesses have the right to not offer a product.

      Individuals have the right to not visit an establishment.

      Murky Coffee is not a Corporation. It's a specialty shop, to be clear.

    17. Lindenshade 67 months ago | reply


      I had deleted the 4th; which was to exercise common courtesy over self entitlement.

    18. jamgill 66 months ago | reply

      As a citizen of the United States of America, I would appreciate it if you would not vandalize our dollar bills like this just to prove the point that ...

      a) you're a dick
      b) you've confused a craft coffeehouse with charbuck$
      c) you're uninterested in educating yourself about the finer points of the beverage you put into your body

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