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Popeye Google Doodle Logo

Google celebrated E.C. Segar, creator of Popeye the Sailor Man, today with one of their cool Google Doodle logos.


The logo depicts Popey socking the "oogl" with his oversized fists, and the iconic spinach can forms the "e" in Google. The letters bang against the can, and it shoots a stream of spinach into Popeye's mouth, assumably, just like in the old cartoons and funny papers.


This is the first time I've seen them treat a logo with the halftone screen dots which used to be the hallmark of offset color printing!


Offset color printing uses multiple printing runs to immitate a full range of colors we see in the real world. Basically, the printing expert creates printing plates for four or more colors, traditionally "CMYK" - cyan, magenta, yellow, and "K" for black. They make each printing plate by making it a screen of dots -- since with old printing plate technology an ink color could only be printed or not printed. So, the tiny dots allowed an image to be printed in a halftone so that it appears in different gradations of shade to the eye. So, four different colors are printed in the shape of the logo, each with a screen turned or "offset" from one another by an angle, allowing the tiny dots of colored ink to each be printed slightly apart from one another. In the human eye, at a slight distance, the four colors mix together to create a full range of colors, immitating the full range of colors we see in the world.


The Google Popeye logo purposefully displays the larger offset dots, reminding one of printing of the Sunday Newspaper funnies - cartoon section.

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Uploaded on December 8, 2009