Wildflowering LA
Jude and Jay are part of an art project called Wildflowering LA (wildflowering.org). We joined the project in 2013, when we were one of 50 sites in the county that are growing wildflowers in the project. We are continuing again with the project through the 2014-2105 season.

We sowed seeds on Halloween 2014 for this season. There were good rains during December. The garden was verdant in February 2015, filled with claytonias and a few nemophilas in bloom. Clarkias, collinsias, eschscholzias, and a single stylomecon started blooming in March.

In 2013 had nice germination in the fall, but the dry winter took a toll. We had to manually run sprinklers to keep the flowers (and shrubs) alive. In April we had a nice flower show visible from the street: claytonias, poppies, phacelias, and clarkias.
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