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Bluebella sat on a forest log,

Legs akimbo and eyes agog,

Awe and wonder ran her through,

At the life surrounding that grew and grew.

Brown and grey soon filled with green,

And other colours she had not yet seen.

From the earth they sprang up high,

Racing each other to touch the sky.

“What is happening?” she wondered aloud.

As shoots sprung up tall and proud.

For Bluebella was not of mortal persuasion,

And had not experienced this annual occasion.

She knew not the changes the seasons bring,

Nor that “April” marked the start of Spring.


Just a short ditty for you today :)


For the Teleidoscope: Religion


I do not actually have a religion, this does not mean that I do not believe in anything. I do. Just not something that can be defined by a particular religious following, so for me this challenge was quite difficult. I had a think about it, and some of the most memorable and striking religions for me were those of the celtic, roman and greek beliefs which were often closely linked with nature.


The Welsh had a goddess of spring called Blodeuwedd who was made from nine spring flowers so that she could marry Llew Llaw. This got around the curse Arianhod had placed upon Llew Llaw preventing him from taking a human wife.


This is similar in form to the story of Persephone in Greek culture who became the bride of Hades, her mother Dementer finally won her back, but only for half the year, the start of Spring marks her return from the Underworld.


In English tradition we celebrate Mayday traditionally by decorating a may pole or picking wild flowers, more recently by enjoying a bank holiday! But this tradition too marks the beginning of Spring and decends from religion, this time Celtic and the festival of Beltane. Where the God Bel was worshiped in many fertility rituals.


Spring plays a key part in many Religions as it symbolizes Fertility and rebirth and it is my favourite season (and not just because my birthday's in Spring! :) )

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Taken on April 17, 2011