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Perseid Meteor Shower 2012

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I ventured east of San Diego last night to shoot the night sky during the annual Perseid meteor shower. I was lucky to capture a bright meteor shooting through the Milky Way!

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  1. Harry Ball 20 months ago | reply

    Amazing shot Ryan, quality mate

  2. wdwSteve 20 months ago | reply

    Nice one Ryan! We lost out do to clouds here

  3. DugJax 20 months ago | reply

    Excellent grab! The mutitude of visible stars is amazing and the meteor is the icing on the cake.

  4. Brett Kiger 20 months ago | reply

    Wow, what a catch!

  5. Coasterluver 20 months ago | reply

    Fantastic!! I wanted to get out to shoot the meteor shower this year but it didn't happen. There's always next year...

  6. JeffSFO 20 months ago | reply

    Nice one, Ryan!

  7. Kent Freeman 20 months ago | reply

    High wow factor.

  8. DanB. 20 months ago | reply

    Nice! perfect location for that meteor to fall into frame. I was out in Anza borrego for the Perseids. I saw lots of meteors but didn't catch anything this spectacular.

  9. mwjw 20 months ago | reply

    Great shot!!!

  10. Kas van Zonneveld 20 months ago | reply

    Awesome shot Ryan!

  11. WJMcIntosh 20 months ago | reply

    Nicely done, Ryan! So jealous as I stared at the sky quite a few times this weekend and couldn't see ANY meteors between the city lights and haze. Maybe next year I'll make it out of town enough to see a few and maybe try a shot. Nice catch!

  12. Tom.Bricker 20 months ago | reply

    Beautiful. I'd be curious to know the EXIF on this one.

  13. Photogineer (Doug) 20 months ago | reply

    Just wish I could get a sky like this. Really nice shot Ryan.

  14. Natalie Bell 20 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous!! I wish I could have made it out for that trip. I went up to Mt Wilson on Friday night after work, saw only a few meteors and captured none.

  15. Ring of Fire Hot Sauce 1 20 months ago | reply

    Totally awesome Sauce!

  16. Silver1SWA (Ryan Pastorino) 20 months ago | reply

    The orange glow is not the sunset. That is San Diego and Tijuana, 50 miles to the southwest. This was taken at 1:30am! :)

    13 seconds, f/2.8 ISO 5000

    Thanks everyone!

  17. AndrewSerranoPhotography 20 months ago | reply

    Another great capture of the meteor shower!! Where exactly did you capture this? Man I'd love to get to experience this.

  18. Med_night sky 20 months ago | reply

    WAW fantastic amazing very very beautiful
    Did you use eye fish
    Can you tell me about the camera and other parameters

  19. sourdragon 20 months ago | reply

    what an incredible shot...!!!!

  20. jsgillard 12 months ago | reply

    Awesome shot!

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