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We had a miserable cold snap with no oil.


It was up to $3.09/gal w/ a 100g minnimum. I'm sure alot of people got fucked this year. Who fills the tank in August? My native climate doesn't even have oil heat.


We got these electric dish heaters from the CostCo, w/ a parabolic dish that eliminates the drain of/ a fan. The electric bill went up, but not by $309 -- about half that, thanks to the fish-smakckin' hydro-electric system of the BPA.


We also put up window plastic and weather stripping. I used some early Xmas money to buy curtains for between the rooms. Each one made a huge differenece, but this house is still unreasonably large and uninsulated. Despite our best efforts, it was getting down to the mid-twenties every night. One morning it was 36F in the kitchen.


We'd been stuck in one room at a time for about 10 days before it finally broke. In that time I had gotten pretty good at planning about an hour in advance what room we'd like to enter next, bearing in mind the circut would trip if we had more than one on per floor. I could use the oven to heat the kitchen once I put a blanket up across our very strange stairway.


Just about the time the weather suddenly turned about 30F warmer, we came into some money for the cause. We now keep it at a houseplant-saving 50F with the space heaters on low.


Where I worked they had the same arrangement, but w/ a fireplace. Either way, you have to hold your breath before sitting on the cold toilet seat.

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Taken on November 9, 2005