To the Center Within You
In creating these images with Asha Beta, I have become able to chart my personal mythology and visualize my soul. Life and art are now opportunities to make something of myself, and not in the egotistical sense - but in a true, mythic sense. I understand how no real or meaningful external change can take place unless there is transformation within.

We can use art for deep change - when we undertake the journey of individuation, we can move beyond survival needs and encounter truly beautiful territory. These images remind me that I can always hold myself to my greatest possibilities, that I no longer need to pretend that the conventional is something I want in any form at all.

What I want is real, deep, never-ending change. A feeling of the power of choice in creating reality. The second we free ourselves of the half-truth that we are bound to the organizational templates of society and culture is the precious moment we start to self-define and steer our own ship.

Who knows where we will arrive?


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