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where have all the trees gone?..

This image comes with a serious message. You may choose to ignore it and make no comment. Retreating to the safety of your thoughts and home. You may even be slightly annoyed that it involves so much reading and you simply don't have the time..

You may click it all away...


Africa is my home so it seems natural that deforestation and wildlife extinction affect me, but more importantly my children and the many generations that may never see the African Elephant, amongst others in their natural habitat....


Deforestation and wildlife extinction are just two of the serious environmental problems facing Africa today and are caused from:

•Logging – destruction of the rain forest.

•Clear land to make room for housing and farming.

•Unprecedented pace is the primary cause (deforestation)

•Overexploitation or poaching


•Pollution The root cause of these problems are humans and there need for clearing the land, which can lead to diseases and pollution or illegal poaching for financial gains.

* War

* Poverty

The African continent is home to many species of exotic animals and plants, decades of logging, sport hunting, poaching, civil wars, pollution, and other human interferences have taken their toll on the wildlife.


the worst though is:

African and foreign countries looking for oil, diamonds, and other resources have destroyed both animals and their habitats.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let's hope mankind wakes up before greed overruns everything we hold dear.


My contribution for the Art Uni International challenge- :


background image: HKD -


elephants: Paolo Schneider (photographed in the Etosha Pans of Namibia)


white headed vulture: thanks to hawkgenes - (to view original image and info on these vultures follow link)


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Taken on April 13, 2010