Apple Eats a TV Network Desktop

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    $4.99 for an episode? Are they insane? More info on NBC's demands here....

    1. MarkMS [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

      Yeah, $4.99 is too much. And to top that off, they want even tighter DRM. We can only activate 5 computers for the music/videos on iTunes and we can't even burn the videos on DVD to play on our TVs. What more DRM could you possibly want? Damn you NBC. Trying to control the very consumers that keep making you money. You would think they would want us to be able to at least burn it once to watch on DVDs. So "frak you very much."

      Glad Apple has a strict policy on not boosting the price like that. Only time the prices went up, is with the non-DRM music. Even then it only went up 30 cents with no DRM!! If you want to bargain about the price, at least start off with $2.49 or something. Greedy bastards.

      I smell another open letter coming!!
      UPDATE: An open letter from iLounge

    2. Sigalakos 91 months ago | reply

      Well, anyway, here in Greece we don't even have TV Shows on iTunes yet. If NBC thinks that a single episode worths $5, that is a full season costs ~$120, then the solution is pretty easy and free: TVShows + Transmission = Peace of mind + full pockets.

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