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It's Denise's b-day, and with the help of Al (he hinted, she liked coffee, chocolate, and well... tiramisu) this was created. Layers of soft cakey lady fingers were soaked with rich coffee, layered with sweetened creamy mascarpone and whipped eggs. The middle layer is covered with a blanket of shaved dark chocolate, the top layer is dusted with cocoa and left to sit until ready to serve. (Recipe inspired by Chubby Hubby's one from The Silver Spoon).

Thank you Taku for guiding me through Photoshop for the collage ;)

Also featured on: www.acquapanna.com/ in the article: Tiramisu, a spoonful of Heaven. And on: www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/kitchen-challenge-tiramisu-ti..., ashurem.blogspot.com/2009/01/tiramisu.html

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  1. eddienyc 104 months ago | reply

    Beautifully made !

  2. Carol^-^ 104 months ago | reply

    wow! this one looks very good! Do you have the recipe for this one?

  3. ms.nexxy 104 months ago | reply

    i know it's totally not related to this picture... or anything on your flickr but..
    i completely flunked my math unit... and the quiz before that
    and it's not like I don't understand the concepts (cause I get them very well!) but... it just didn't click for me during the testsssss
    i guess it's a good thing that you're not allowed to pull out of math 30IB now cause.. well they just won't let you
    that way they HAVE to make me stay in the class
    but it's still not a very good thing
    and on top of that
    i didn't make the jazz choir which made me sad.. but not THAT sad.. but just... dissapointed sad
    and i'm having lack of sleep
    i'm really tired but I can't sleep cause i've got stupid hmk
    i hate hmk
    and I'm tutoring this girl in math 14 and... yeah, it's really testing my patience
    she wanted me to help her EVERY DAY for 2 hours
    and she even asked if I could go to her place on the weekends...
    i said no of course, and I wasn't gonna help her EVERY DAY for 2 hours...
    thankfully today, she ended up not needing QUITE as much help as she that she thought she would need, so I think i can cut it down to 1 hour a week (cause it takes her class 3 weeks to cover 1 unit, and we just covered that whole unit in 2 hours today)
    anyways, that's an update of my life, much more amusing than usual (even though it's not much of a good amusment)
    i know how your life is though: eat, sleep, work, research, make food, make more food, eat the food, the make more food again.. LOL
    anyways, g'nite, i gotta finish some BIO

  4. Renée S. Suen 104 months ago | reply

    eddienyc: Thanks! :)

    Carol^-^: Check out www.chubbyhubby.net/2006/06/oldie-but-goody.html, however I did lighten it up a bit ;)

    Ah B: Cheer up chum. Sometimes we all hit our first failure only to discover what is really important in our lives... Maybe this challenge is one where you are forced to realize that you can't rely on yourself and that might also need some help understanding the unit (like your tutor-ee). Jazz choir can be tough, but you're still in chamber and also in your dance club, right? Not everyone can dance! So be proud of that, lil' chicken. :P
    I'm proud that you're helping someone out (but at the same time being firm about it). Being patient is a virtue, so keep striving. :)

  5. Carol^-^ 104 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the recipe! ;) BTW, yummy collage. (either Taku is a good teacher or you're a good student!) :D

  6. Renée S. Suen 104 months ago | reply

    Carol^-^: I'm NOT going to pull a "Renee" (as Taku calls it) and take credit that I'm a good student. :P Ha ha ha.

  7. Carol^-^ 104 months ago | reply

    I probably have to agree with you! ;) (Afterall, Taku doesn't need to know that, does he?)

  8. Smaku 104 months ago | reply

    lol... I don't know what you're all talking about.
    All I know is that I wanted a piece of this last night but I didn't get it. :( boo.
    Renee is a good student. She tries hard. I give her an A for effort. :D

  9. Renée S. Suen 104 months ago | reply

    Carol and Taku: Too funny. I suppose all these years in school amounted to something. At least it trained me to ask questions when I need to :P

    Taku: Thanks once again! In the meantime, if you think of hosting that unbirthday party, let me know. The least I can do is to thank my patient teacher with some homemade experiments :) To rub salt in the wound, there was actually some tiramisu left (as there were the 2 desserts, and well, it was much more than enough for 7 people). Lets just say, my brother was a happy camper last night.

  10. noah-chi 104 months ago | reply

    *sits at work, hungry and staring*

  11. ms.nexxy 104 months ago | reply

    thanks ^^
    btw, did I tell you that the class average for that test was 36%??
    yeah, we (as in our class) made our teacher pretty unimpressed.. lol but oddly enough, we're all able to laugh it off and still have a good day today (i think the class was TOO happy today considering that our entire class did pretty bad on a test)
    i guess that's what IB does to you.. makes you insane.. actually, more insane because you'd have to be pretty crazy to take full IB nowadays... or so I hear

    PS. How do you teach someone the concept of a decimal place? I've having troubles explaining it... >.>

  12. Smaku 104 months ago | reply

    Actually, asking questions when you need to is a good thing even in the working world. During an interview long ago I was asked a specific question which tested me on if I were the type of person to ask questions if I didn't know the answer to. After I told him that I would ask my peers, he confirmed that he just wanted to know if I was the type to ask questions.

    Renee, everyday at my house is an unbirthday party! and you're invited... so long as you come with a homemade experiment. lol... We should have a bakeoff. I have to use some belgium chocolates that I bought too many years ago. I wonder if they're still edible.

    and Ms Nexxy. To me, decimal places are all about fractions - portions of a whole. It's also defined as fractions having a power of 10 as a denominator (ie. 4/10, 4/100, 4/1000). When you teach people fractions, it's sometimes easier to do it visually. Show them using candies or something. Have 10 candies in front of you, and start taking some away. Each time you take away candies, that represents a new fraction, or a new number using a decimal point. If the student understands the concept, then you can treat them by giving the candies to them. Yum. But what do I know. I'm no teacher. ;)

  13. Renée S. Suen 104 months ago | reply

    noxipoo: sometimes I sit trying to do work, never hungy, but always snacking... So I don't know which is better. But hopefully that means the pic is tempting!

    Ah B: As with many IB classes, we counted to ride the wave. Eeps. Just make sure you're on the half of the curve. That might be better than one of my university classes (it was semi-experimental and in thesecond year) and I recall the exam class average was in the 30s with the MODE in the 30s, and the prof told the class that it had a problem... all 800 of us. Now there's some serious hmmm.... I won't get into the disgruntal attitude of the students.
    Regarding full IB, so does that make me less insane as I did that so many years ago (vs doing it now and being considered insane by your peers)? :P Don't forget, you called me cool (or at least what I studied cool and not science-y boring) not that long ago!!
    Re: fractions, why don't you take a pie and start cutting pieces of it away and describe the fraction concept that way. (you can be rewarded with pie too! :) i.e. pumpkin... with whipped cream!). You can follow that up by saying that if a WHOLE pie was considered "ONE" whole pie, then HALF a pie is half of one, or 1/2 which is the same as 0.5. Then you could explain that the decimal place and fractions helps to portion things off that are not quite a whole number. Something simliar to what Taku has described.

    Taku: Where are my sweet treats??

  14. bokchoyboy 103 months ago | reply

    Oh this gooey goodness is making me drool!

  15. Triple 7 103 months ago | reply

    oooohhhhh creamy tiramisu.. look good! cheers.

  16. montego1 100 months ago | reply

    that's look's good, makes you want more..

  17. Ms Lambie 69 months ago | reply

    Can you give me the recipe? I LOVE tiramisu!!!

  18. Tony Carlos Br 67 months ago | reply

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  19. LynneS 41 months ago | reply

    I just love Tiramisu! See it here: A Downunder Christmas Lunch

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