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Back off Bitches Zeus is MINE! | by Sierra is a space cadet!
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Back off Bitches Zeus is MINE!

Hmmm....I am VERY big into Greek/Roman Myths lol...I found my damned peacock feather that I've been looking for, for awhile :O and decided to do this cliche like image of Hera. She is a fascinating deity if you ask me :D...but not necessarily my favorite of Greek/Roman goddesses...haha...I do Greek/Roman like that b/c...*cough* the Romans totally jacked the Greeks stuff! The bastards! :O :O annyyywayyy....I really like the way it ended up, I was kinda worried...but ehhh I'm pretty happy with it :D I did the whole blownout look on purpose :O ...but anyway..


School started today...well for everyone but me...I don't even start until Wednesday. However I work at the school library as a work study and as much as I love it...I have little patience for people that do not know even the BASICS of computer usage O_O seriously WHAT CENTURY DO WE LIVE IN?!?! Oh btw...I AM one of those very dependent on electronics kinda ppl :p...however...I can and do, do a lot of things not related to computers and electronics :D


Fear number 25: I AM TERRIFIED OF THIS SEMESTER :O :O :O I looked at all the syllabuses (is that even the right friggin word O_o?) and there is a crapload of stuff I wasn't expecting :'( Oh well...I WILL SURVIVE!!! :D b/c I HAVE TO!! :D Vacation to Virginia when I graduate :D been waiting for it for like 10 years no joke :D


Today's random fact: I was topless when I did that picture...lmao...tmi I'm sure. Probably didn't exactly care to know either :p and those earrings my mom got from the Mexican Market when she went to San Antonio, Texas :D I really like big dangly earrings guess that is 2 random facts :O




99/365 (1/12/2009)


BTW :D Tomorrow is day 100!!! :D Exciting!! :O annnd in the spirit of hitting a giant milestone :O I'm gonna start another project me thinks :D ....I'm gonna do a 52 weeks project. It will be a video a week for a year :D I *think* I'm gonna do it on But I'll post the weekly link to this :) ...idk that I want to do YouTube...I have a YT account, but lately I just don't care for YT :( I'm gonna try either revver or vimeo :D look for it tomorrow :D Or...the next day lol


I grabbed some of the Hera symbolism like the peacock, and pearls and colors from here!


If you didn't see it on black you MUST!! :O


Also...this is for FGR 7 deadly sins...I'm using an artistic license for this one :O lol...she's a very envious goddess...and angry...and proud...and lusty? O_o...ehhh Hera works for it :p


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Taken on January 12, 2009