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Crystal Pool under Monsoon - Baja California, Mexico

Photographic Insights • At first sight of this waterfall my initial thoughts were to photograph it with alpen glow on the peak. Let me share why I photographed it this way instead. Palm oasis always have the mirage or desert paradise type of feel to them and with alpen glow on the peak there would be no sparkle to the water. That sparkle is what gives it ...that tropical paradise kind of feel or mood. The water has to be moving or you need to see ripples to catch the crystal look as direct sunlight hits it. The first few clouds of the monsoon added drama and almost pushed the peak higher into the sky.


Pano in scroll format


Here is a link to my first time lapse video taken on the way there www.flickr.com/photos/sieren/5733913538/in/photostream *Caution, you may laugh or smile!


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• You never see the same thing twice! Except Halley's comet if you're lucky.

• Always keep a master file before adding blur, glow, orton, type of techniques.

• Don't let your viewfinder or lcd limit how you see! We don't walk around in 2x3 vision.


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Taken on May 13, 2011