Saline & Eureka Valleys, January 2014
Over the January 24-25 weekend, I was extremely fortunate to have the chance to tag along with the L.A. County Trail Crew 4WD club, on their trip to Saline Valley.

I'd met two of the club's members - Randy Worth and Dave Angel - on a caving trip. My 1998 Jeep ZJ needs some work, so they generously let me ride along. I rode with Dave and his girlfriend Katie, in Dave's 4-door Wrangler Rubicon. I definitely spent a lot of the trip geeking out on the Rubi!

The highlight of the trip was a trip across Steel Pass, which links Saline and Eureka valleys. There seems to be some agreement that of all the places in California that have some sort of 4WD road running through them, Steel Pass may well be the most remote. I'd wanted to reach it since early 2001, when I'd made an abortive attempt to drive the Steel Pass route from north to south. (The stock open differentials in my ZJ, and stock street tires, left me unable to climb the key rock steps at the start of the route.)

I've greatly enjoyed visiting Saline Valley ever since then, but I hadn't been back since the early 2000s. This was a wonderful chance to finally reach Steel Pass, and to see the `Marble Bath'. (For more information on Marble Bath, see and .)

Thanks again to everyone, from the Trail Crew members, to the Inyo County road crew, who made it such a great trip!
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